Enesco Release Daily Planet within Hot Properties Village Line

Enesco create incredible collectibles that are fully licensed over a variety of fandoms which include DC Comics, Disney, Beatrix Potter and alike. These collectibles include figurines, soft toys, money boxes and now villages.

Previously, Enesco’s Hot Properties Village Line only focused around Batman, with replicas of Wayne Manor and The Batcave. They are great pieces, and would be the ideal addition for any Batman collector. They are just so intricately detailed.

Now, they have released The Daily Planet, and it is EPIC. The detail is astonishing and it is a pretty good size… Standing at just over 16 Inches which is around 41 cm. Although there are so many Superman themed collectibles out there, there just isn’t enough of the city of Metropolis and it’s iconic buildings.

Daily Planet Enesco Village Model

I would say this is one for the avid collector, and it is certainly a piece that I am eyeing up for my very own collection. It’s beautiful. The piece is made from Porcelain, plastic and polyester and is eve motorised! Yes, you read that right… you see that little flying Superman on top of the Daily Planet globe… that flies around it!

Enesco Daily Planet Village

At the moment, it is currently available for order on the Big Bad Toy Store website. It has been priced at $279.99 on their website, so I would expect this should be the price no matter where it is sold. Currently there are no details as to where us UK folk can get it from locally, but it is possible to order from US sites too, you just need to add the customs fee on top of that!

You can order yours here. By the look of it, this Enesco Hot Properties Village Line will expand even further, and perhaps onto other iconic DC Superheroes environments and cities. What DC building would you like to see next?

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  1. The building’s original features appear to be based upon the Old Toronto Star Building, where Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was a newsboy when the Toronto Star was still called the Daily Star. Shuster has claimed that Metropolis was visually inspired by Toronto.

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