Cubicall Release Superman Phone Booth

Cubicall are a company that specialises in providing privates cubicles for phone calls. They are perfect for offices and workspaces and also come in various sizes. Well, now they also come in a rather SUPER design – The Superman Phone Booth.

If I’m honest, I think this is a brilliant idea, a great way to represent your favourite hero in the workplace and one way to encourage business calls. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been done before! Well, Cubicall have linked an iconic piece of Superman’s legacy and turned it into a modern day requirement, and it is fantastic. Not only does it feature some iconic artwork on the sides of the booth, but it is also fully decorated inside.

Superman Phone Booth by Cubicall
Superman Phone Booth By Cubicall

The Superman booth comfortably fits two people inside and has bi-folding doors to help fit into those smaller offices. The glass on those doors is double pane glass, to reduce noise pollution during calls. It stands at just under 8ft high and the length and width is 42 inches both sides.

The booth has lots of features inside too! Including 2 USB outlets, 120-volt outlets and Ethernet cables which are built inside. The booth also features low-heat LED lights, and a fan built into the ceiling so although there are two people in there, it doesn’t get too stuffy! To celebrate Superman’s 80th year in comics, the first 80 orders will receive the limited edition 80th anniversary booth. (Which features a commemorative plaque and logo).

Superman Phone Booth by Cubicall

The booth is currently available for pre-order from their website and is priced at $8,495.00. Yes, I know it is very pricey, but it is AWESOME.

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