Batman V Superman Diorama by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles have done it again with this Batman V Superman Diorama. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t own any of their pieces, but that will most certainly change! Every piece they announce and create are absolutely stunning. With the hefty size and the hand painted detail, they are a must for any collector.

Now, they have released a Batman V Superman Diorama, which is now available for pre-order.

Batman V Superman Diorama - Sideshow Collectibles.

The statue features Superman & Batman in an “epic showdown in the Fortress of Solitude”. Yes, the base is the Fortress, which is a great touch! The detail is absolutely fantastic, you can even see the joint creases in their costumes as they throw their punches! You can see, that Batman is wearing a glowing green ring, which means only one thing… Kryptonite! Here is a closer look at the Fortress base.

Superman Batman Diorama Sideshow Collectibles

The piece stands at 23.5 inches tall and is made from resin, and is sure to be a great piece for any DC/Batman/Superman collector. I love the use of the classic colours in the costumes, Batman hosts his classic grey and black suit, fitted with the iconic utility belt, and Superman hosts his famous blue, red and yellow suit, with added trunks! Although the statue is resin, their capes are real fabric, which have been tailored to fit the statue. It also comes with internal wiring, so it can be moved into different poses and angles. Not only that, but you can also add Superman’s powerful heat vision, which glows a deep red and levels out the playing field.

Superman Batman Diorama Sideshow Collectibles

The artists and sculptors  at Sideshow Collectibles have done an incredible job on this Batman V Superman Diorama! Credits to the designers – Richard Luong, Andrew Huerta, Kris Anka and David Igo. Also to Steve Lord – the sculptor, Adam Smith, who worked on the mold and cast of the piece and the fantastic Bernardo Esquivel – who painted it.

These images are a prototype, so the final piece may differ slightly – although from past pieces they have done, you aren’t likely to notice the difference! The piece is expected to ship between June and August 2019. It stands at 23.5 inches high, 18 inches wide and 13 inches long. I mentioned it was a hefty size… well it’s also a hefty weight, 6.8kg to be exact.

For anyone that is familiar with the statues that Sideshow Collectibles do, you will know they are not cheap. Well, compared to some, this really isn’t a bad price – $699 dollars or £550.11 for us folks in the UK. The piece is available from their website to pre-order direct from the website here. But for those that can’t afford the price straight up, you can do a payment plan where they take a monthly payment until the item is fully paid off.

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