Superman fans can be a part of the legacy of The Super Museum

The Super Museum is located in Metropolis, Illinois. I am still dying to go myself, it will happen – one day… Now, you can be a part of it’s legacy and history with this fantastic funding idea.

The museum itself was founded by Jim Hambrick and is home to his MEGA Superman collection, which spans across 70,000 items. I have seen many pictures of the museum itself and I am so excited to see it in person one day. And I’m not jealous at all of Jim’s incredible collection (she says through gritted teeth).

Superman Museum, Metropolis

Now, Superman fans around the world have the opportunity to become part of it’s legacy, with the Ham “Brick” Project.  This project allows fans to personalise a brick, which will be placed around the paths and sidewalks surrounding the museum. The bricks will be engraved with the customised messages to leave your mark in the hometown of Superman. Not only that, but it will be seen by the vast audience that attend Superman Celebration day each year.

superman celebration day metropolis

You can either purchase a brick for yourself/company or alike, OR you can “sponsor” a brick, which will later be engraved with celebrity names, quotes and portraits. The Museum have compared it to the “Superman version of Hollywood Boulevard – but YOU are the star!”. What a great idea and lovely touch for fans to show what the hero means to them.

Superman Museum Brick Fundraiser

There are several size options available which range in price from $100.00 to $350.00, so there are plenty of options with room for design. In addition to this, you can also purchase a souvenir certificate of recognition for $10.00 as proof that you have contributed to the project. Or perhaps a souvenir brick for $20.00 or $27.00 depending on the size, which is a smaller replica of the brick that will surround the museum. Alternatively you can buy a “to scale” version from $40.00 for you to keep. More information can be found here.

The brick project will also help to fund any expansions of the museum in the future and also help to preserve it. As soon as I have the money spare, I will most definitely be purchasing one for myself!

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