WB Developing A Superman TV Show Starring Tyler Hoechlin

More Superman TV content, sign me up! Last month saw huge rumours that Henry Cavill was done with playing Superman. Although his manager Dany Garcia confirmed that the cape was still in his closet, yet another wave of rumours has appeared. The most recent ones have sparked interest and speculation that a TV series is in the works.

Since then, popular “Geek” sites, such as FandomWire have reported that Warner Brothers were thinking about moving Supes from the big screen to the small screen. Those sources suggest that Superman failed to draw audiences to the cinema, and that it was likely due to the “nontraditional” tones of Cavill’s portrayal. In the DCTV universe, Tyler Hoechlin showcases a more “traditional” and Christopher Reeve-Like Superman, and has seen a lot of praise in his performance.

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The rumours have also sparked due to the DC TV crossover – Elseworlds, which will be on screen later this year. CW have also cast Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, and it has just been announced that Lex Luthor will also star on Supergirl. I am very intrigued to see who plays Lex! There have also been rumours of the introduction of Darkseid, but those are just rumours. To me, this seems like a lot of Superman history, so this could act as the ‘test’ for a potential Supes series. Adding huge iconic characters to play small parts in a crossover seems unlikely, so I would say this introduction is to test their popularity with current audiences, and see if it peaks interest.

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Personally, I completely disagree with this, and I believe Warner Brothers are making a HUGE mistake in not making Superman a priority on the big screen. People are literally screaming out for a Superman film, including me. Up until Justice League, Cavill’s portrayal of Superman was PERFECT, the story-line, tone and his performance was incredible in Batman V Superman and Man of Steel. With that being said, I think a TV series which intertwines with the current DCTV universe is a great idea. It is a perfect way to draw in new audiences to the iconic character. Compared to Man of Steel, the CW TV series are much lighter in tone, and I think this would be a good opportunity to bring in younger audiences who may not have grown up with Superman in the spotlight.

5 thoughts on “WB Developing A Superman TV Show Starring Tyler Hoechlin

  1. Great commentary! Although I personally did not like his portrayal in BvS. I felt they tried to put Superman into a Batman landscape that just did not work. I believe that the reason the Supeman franchise has not done well as it could in theatres is because they keep messing with the Superman we all know and love. They want to make him dark in personality and that will never work. Thanks for the article!

  2. I really enjoy Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of Clark/Superman; he just feels so natural as Clark and he really does remind me of Dean Cain’s portrayal but with his own unique twist. From the first moment I saw him in Supergirl I wanted him to have his own show so I really hope that these rumours are true. I also didn’t know that Elizabeth Tulloch had been announced as Lois! I’m really happy about that choice as I loved her in Grimm and I think she has the spunk, sass and acting skills to bring her to life really well.

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