Lois Lane Solo Graphic Novel Announced

Well, Lois Lane is getting a solo graphic novel! It seems that Lois Lane is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Usually she is constantly known and referred to as “Superman’s Girlfriend” or love interest, and it’s about time she steps into the limelight.

Not only are we getting a Lois Lane mini-series later this year, but we will also be getting a Lois Lane solo graphic novel! Although we do have to wait a little longer for it. During the “Book Buzz” panel at the ALA (American Library Association), DC Comics announced some of their upcoming titles for 2020 and 2021. Although not much detail was revealed about the upcoming book, which I am eagerly awaiting already… we do know who the creative team behind it are! The book will be written by Grace Ellis and illustrated by Brittney Williams.

Grace Ellis is a comic writer known for her work with Image Comics. She wrote and co-created the Lumberjanes series, which won many industry awards. Brittney Williams is an incredible artist who’s work is vibrant and colourful. If the creative team are anything to go by the book will be full of GIRL POWER and I am all for that!

So far, all we know is that the book has been put together as part of a scheme called “Books for Young Readers”. This specific book, among others are aimed towards Middle Grade school children. Release date-wise, all we really have is 2020 or 2021 to go by, no specific date has been announced. The title has not yet been confirmed, but is currently being referred to as “Lois Lane” by both DC and the creative team.

At the moment, I’m not sure what to expect from the book, but I am very excited about it. Like I said, it isn’t every day we get a focus around Lois Lane, so I am ALWAYS here for any project that does just that! As soon as I know more about the upcoming Lois Lane solo graphic novel, I will share the information!

2 thoughts on “Lois Lane Solo Graphic Novel Announced

  1. Even though this appears to be a young readers novel, I like the fact that it will be written and drawn by women. I hope they do a better job than Bendis is doing. I am no fan of his characterization of Lois. After he described her as, paraphrasing, the most powerful woman in the Superman universe, the last thing I was expecting was the public shaming to which he is subjecting her. Why can’t she be as powerful and important to her universe as Superman is without being reduced to being shamed? Is this Bendis striking back at the real life Me Too movement by putting Lois through the equivalent circumstances in the comics? Lois is vilified for “cheating” but Superman stays unsullied?
    She is walking along with Clark. A male stranger recognizes her and calls her a slut for kissing Superman. I know American and British definitions of this word differ greatly, but in the US it is an insult. Clark is angered but Lois tells him to ignore it. She doesn’t care. She knows the truth.
    Speaking as a woman, never in my lifetime would I ever stand for such an insult! If my husband wanted to confront anyone calling me that, I would let him- and I would join him!
    Of course, I could be missing the point. Maybe it’s all an inside joke. I, as a reader, know the truth the man doesn’t know, so I shouldn’t be bothered by it, either. I should be laughing at the silly guy calling her names for kissing her husband!

    1. I think that whole public shaming thing is something that if this story were in real life, would really happen. I think it kinda adds a sense of realism to it, it’s something that we’ve never really seen in Comics or films for Lois. Although I don’t like it, as you said we know the truth as the reader, I think it’s Lois dealing with some real issues that happen in today’s society. Unfortunately .

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