REVIEW: Action Comics #1016

Action Comics #1016 is here and ever since Naomi’s introduction in Action Comics #1015, I have been VERY intrigued to see what she brings to the table. I loved her first interactions with Superman and Batman, and I have been eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what happens.

I adore the standard cover for this issue which is by Jamal Campbell. His artwork is really incredible, and I’ve never known someone draw a cloud so perfectly. It has a slightly discoloured vibe, but that only makes Naomi, and her wonderful powers shine brighter. This cover is a perfect play on the classic line – “This is a job for Superman!”, which I absolutely loved. I love the way Campbell draws Superman, he’s confident and determined, just how he should be. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Campbell do a little more work on the Superman titles if I’m honest.


The variant cover by Bryan Hitch just like many other variants at the moment carries a Dceased theme. This cover is just so epic. Every time you look at a different aspect of it, you see even more detail or something you may not have noticed from the start. I will say this though, I think Bryan’s Superman is very much based on Dean Cain, they look so alike! This truly is an epic cover, from the detail, colours, poses and facial expressions. There is just so much detail.

DCeased variant for action comics #1016

This issue has everything. It has an epic fight scene, as Naomi saves Superman from The Red Cloud’s attack. It it inspiring, as Naomi disobeys orders and takes matters into her own hands. It’s also emotional, as Naomi returns to her hometown and her mum with some new found confidence, support and friends. It’s just safe to say that this series has so many layers.

I really loved this issue, although Action Comics tends to focus around Superman and his adventures, it’s kind of nice to see someone else take the limelight here. It’s also nice to be introduced to a brand new character, and set them out into a city which is already dominated by experienced superheroes.

The first section of the issue covers the huge fight between Superman and The Red Cloud. I love how this is written and presented. It’s explained and presented with members of the public being interviewed by Trish from The Daily Planet, as they all tell their slightly exaggerated accounts of what happened. It was really fun to read, and it’s not something I’ve ever seen before.

The artwork and panel layout really helped with this scene and section of the book. Syzmon Kudranski has done a great job of bringing a little playfulness into this rather brutal and one-sided attack. It also just goes to show how much scrutiny Superman and other heroes can go under if he has a struggle. It shows the sheer pressure that he is under. But having said that, it also shows how important and integral he is to the safety of Metropolis.

This issue turned the tables slightly, it was nice to see Superman get saved for a change – usually it’s him doing the saving. Naomi swoops in among the action to save one of her own heroes. This must be a huge moment for her, and seeing them fight side by side was great! I’m a really big fan of this character so far and I really want her to do well. The action shown within these panels are terrific! The colours just pop and bring it to life, especially the difference in colour scheme when Naomi takes on The Red Cloud. You can really visualise what it’s like for the public who are giving their accounts of the fight.

The relationships, character portrayals and developments yet again are very strong in this issue. Batman’s unusual shine toward Naomi, Naomi gaining her own confidence to go into battle, and Superman when he realises just how powerful Naomi is. I love all those things and for me they were the highlights of the issue.

I personally haven’t read the stand alone Naomi series, but I certainly will be after seeing her introduction in Action Comics. I really love this character. With that in mind, it was really nice to see some of her background, we saw where she is from, and her relationship with her mother. Her mother seems like the ultimate fan-girl (a little bit like myself if I were to meet members of The Justice League), which I love and it also added yet more humour to the issue before it took a darker tone towards the end of the issue.

Ever since Ms Leone was introduced, her character and background has been shrouded in mystery. Well, it looks like Robinson Goode (The Red Cloud) has tipped her over the edge, not only because she has taken Lex Luthor’s upgrade, but she is making her own arrangements with regards to Metropolis and more specifically taking on Superman. Ms Leone is furious about this, and the stakes have just risen even higher now that ALL sides are at war. So, now that The Red Cloud has shown Metropolis exactly what she can do, it’s time for Ms Leone to reveal exactly what she has been up to.

I have waited this for a long time, in fact since the series first showed her with her very own superhero collection with iconic items within it, specifically the car from Ation Comics #1. It will be very interesting to see exactly what she has been up to.

Like I said before the writing is perfect in Action Comics #1016, Bendis has done a great job of incorporating both of the characters that he has been working on into one issue, and I hope to see Naomi return for a few more issues in the future. The artwork in this issue is on another level, Kudranski has really been bringing his A-game to this series. I love the panel positions and all of the different tones that are used. When something is light-hearted you see that within the colours, and when it gets darker you see that change. It’s very clever, but it’s so effective and really sets the scene.

Bendis is a master of cliffhangers, and Action Comics #1016 is no exception. I NEED TO KNOW NOW WHAT MS LEONE IS REFERRING TO! It’s safe to say that I cannot wait to read the next issue!

Haven’t picked up your copy of Action Comics #1016 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Jamal Campbell here (UK), or here (US). Or if you refer the variant cover by Bryan Hitch, you can pick that up here.

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