REVIEW: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4 is here and well, just when I thought this series couldn’t get any wackier – of course I was wrong. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, I mean Timmy Olsen is one of the most entertainingly bizarre books I’ve read in a long time.

The standard cover by Steve Lieber showcases Jimmy – sorry Timmy centre stage as if he were a mayor or someone of political importance. It’s safe to say that The Justice League don’t look too impressed or interested in what he has to say. This could be something that he is dreaming, but it doesn’t link with the contents of this issue, which is a shame. I love how Lieber has harnessed some of the personalities of The League. I love his style, it’s very cartoonistic and it works perfectly for this downright crazy series.

superman's pal jimmy olsen 4 2019
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is another Dceased variant, and I LOVE this one by Darick Robertson! Just like the variant it’s very cartoonistic but it really works. It also gives a little teaser to what happened in the previous issue of Dceased – “World without hope”. It looks like yet another close call for Jimmy Olsen as he hurdles over a table in an attempt to get away from the infected. The way that Robertson as drawn the infected is epic, they look perfectly enraged and out of control, just as they should be. I really like these Dceased variants, and I hope to see them continue.

superman's pal jimmy olsen 4 dceased variant
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This issue is probably my favourite so far. Although it is bizarre and wacky, it showcases the mental affect that this whole fiasco has had on our beloved Jimmy Olsen. Lois Lane visits Jimmy in his secret apartment in Gotham, as he attempts to explain his theory on who it is that tried to kill him.

Firstly we see what “Timmy” Olsen is up to now whilst he is in Gotham, and it looks like he has taken to winding up it’s heroes and making enemies he may not want to mess with. This could be a slight dig at some YouTubers out there, as this part of the story is shown as if he were one. He even explains that these ridiculous videos get more hits and views than his serious ones. This whole section is hilarious, and I actually laughed out loud sometimes. Matt Fraction really has got Jimmy and his crazy ways down to a tee. In fact, I laughed several times throughout this issue. It was Jimmy’s interactions with Lois that really got me chuckling, don’t forget – Vaping is for TEENS!

This issue really goes a long way to explain the situation and how Jimmy got there, so far a lot of that hasn’t really been revealed. It’s nice to find out what’s going on, but also what the link is between current events and the flashbacks to The Olsen ancestors. I love the way that Matt Fraction has written this in, it reveals not too much, and bit by bit. Although we now understand some aspects of the mystery, there is still a lot to be uncovered, Fraction really gave us the right amount of answers.

The artwork goes hand and hand with the story, it just really brings it to life. Like I said before the cartoonistic style that Leiber has, paired with the colours of Nathan Fairbarn is a match made in heaven. The pair work seamlessly together as their creations just pop straight out of the pages, and instantly add personality to the story. I will say this, that their artwork together is very reminiscent of the 50’s cartoon style strips, and I think that is exactly what they were going for.

Fraction and Leiber are an absolute dream team on this series, they really are. Like I said before, they just work so well together to bring their visions to life. I’m VERY intrigued to what’s in store next for Jimmy Olsen.

Haven’t picked up your copy of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Leiber here (UK) or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Robertson, you can pick that up here.

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