Prime 1 Studio Release The Dark Knight Returns Superman Statue

Prime 1 Studios release The Dark Knight Returns Superman Statue, they are at it again! Just when I try and save my money they come out with an INCREDIBLE Superman piece. Well, the same can certainly be said for their latest announcement – The Dark Knight Returns Superman.

The Dark Knight Returns is a comic series by Frank Miller and is known as some of his finest works, I have to agree myself. It’s great to see some pieces coming from this, especially a Superman one. This statue is crafted straight out of those very comics and it is EPIC.

Now there are two versions of this sculpt, a standard version and a deluxe version, which are both limited edition. Both statues are made with a textured look and complete with a fabric red cape. It’s safe to say that no expense has been spared when it comes to the detail. Those facial expressions are divine! It stands at roughly 35 inches tall, which is one hell of a statue.

Here’s a look at the standard version, which comes with a designed base, two heads to swap with (a normal one, and a clenched jaw one), two sets of interchangeable left and right hands. The left comes with an open palm version and also a clenched fist, and the right ones with a clenched fist and also a first holding a Kryptonite Arrow.

And here’s a look at the deluxe version, which comes with all of the above but with added extras. An additional left hand left holding Batman’s mechsuit mask. Not only that, but it also comes with two additional heads, one with some awesome heat vision and the other with a classic Superman grin.

Like I said, both are limited edition, although there is no news yet as to how many of each will be made. The standard will set you back $969.00, whilst the deluxe will cost you $1,099.00. Pricey right, but they are awesome and in my opinion worth every damn penny.

The statues are expected to ship out between October 2020 and February 2021. A while to wait, but that gives you more time to save right? You can pre-order the standard version here, and the deluxe version here.

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