REVIEW: Up In The Sky #6

Up In The Sky #6 is here and heralds the final issue of a series which has been a must read for me ever since its announcement.

Every issue has felt prestigious and that has always began with the cover and this issue is no exception. Created by interior artist Andy Kubert, the cover depicts Alice – the missing child – gazing upon her saviour, Superman. Superman looks almost god like as his eyes pulsate with heat vision as the remnants of Alice’s captor lay strewn about his person. I love this cover on multiple levels. Its the perfect piece of art to encapsulate a series as emotionally charged as this one has been.

Superman up in the sky 6
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Well, Tom King and Andy Kubert have done it. This creative duo have delivered in my eyes the best issue of the series to date and it is indeed the final issue and what a rousing finale it is. Like with all of its predecessors, Up In The Sky #6 is broken up into two chapters. The first chapter is totally breathtaking as an unknown Alien force lays siege upon the Earth. No continent is safe as our beloved heroes give it their all while Superman takes the fight to this faceless foe head on.

The issue opens up right in the thick of it as the skies above Gotham are plagued with Alien aircraft. Everyone from Batman and the Justice League to Adam Strange and Hawkman engage this Alien onslaught. These acts of heroism are depicted across the globe. King alongside legendary artist Kubert do a wonderful job of capturing the epic scale and enormous scope of this attack.

Personally I feel this is due to the incredible page layouts featured in this issue. Superman: Up In The Sky #6 is full of panoramic panels capturing immense combat and destruction in equal measure mixed with epic splash pages chronicling the exploits of our defiant heroes as they face off against insurmountable odds.

I couldn’t help but think War of the Worlds while reading this half of the issue. Superman is totally omnipotent during these opening sequences. The sheer force of will and power radiating off of Superman is palpable. I love the fact that King allows Superman’s actions to speak for themselves while he delivers minimal yet powerful dialogue that sent a shiver down my spine when utilized. This is definitely Superman unchained.

The second half of the issue sees a considerable change of pace as Superman’s search concludes. These scenes automatically brought a tear to my eye for so many reasons. The bravery within however scared we are, and the will to continue on in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds are themes featured prominently that we can all relate to.

Tom King is a master at taking the most fantastical elements of comics and really grounding them in a reality that the audience can relate to. Alice’s belief in another person is quite simply beautiful. It’s a show of trust that we can all learn from. I find Superman’s determination in this issue totally inspiring. In recent days Superman’s relevance in today’s society has been placed into question. Well, the themes raised in this issue along with his core beliefs and values show just how important and relevant the Man of Steel is, especially in these most testing of times.

The conversations had between these characters is full of truth, hope and faith. Beautifully unsullied by cynicism, that which can only emanate from a child. Up In The Sky #6 is a wonderful issue that certainly answers the ‘why?’ of it all, however thanks to vast array of heart and emotion featured, it actually feels pretty irrelevant. You know wrong has been done. It’s not a matter of if, but when Superman puts it right. It’s all about believing in someone right? Putting your faith in another.

The dialogue in this issue is all about defying the odds and overcoming the insurmountable. It’s totally uplifting and full of inspiration. Andy Kubert’s artwork in this issue feels very prestigious indeed. The facial expressions of our beloved characters says it all. Every emotion is etched on Superman’s face at one time or another, specifically anger which is a very awe-inspiring sight. The combat and destruction perpetrated by our characters specifically Superman is indeed another awe-inspiring sight to behold. This is Superman at his most destructive. The most I’ve seen in quite sometime.

Overall this series has been one hell of a journey for Superman, but also for us as readers. King and Kubert really brought that classic Superman we know and love back into our hearts with this unique and incredible story. This is my Superman.

Haven’t picked up your issue yet? You can get your copy here (UK), or here (US).

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