REVIEW: Lois Lane #6

Lois Lane #6 is here and it’s odd having so many individual series overlap and exist in the same universe. This week’s issue is Lois Lane, and I have been eagerly waiting for this since the finale of Event Leviathan. I actually thought it would get confusing, but the way that it’s presented is done very well and with ease.

The standard cover for this issue is by interior artist Mike Perkins, and it really showcases what’s going on inside this issue – I’m a sucker for when that happens. The use of colour is just incredible, it really makes the image pop. We can see that Lois is hurting and what she is feeling as she lays her father to rest. The way that Perkins has delivered the background and with rain overlapping the core image is beautiful. It’s incredibly clever and effective, and draws all of your attention to our main character, Lois.

lois lane #6 review
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is by Elena Casagrande. I’ll admit this is the first of her work that I’ve seen, and if this is anything to go by, I’ll soon be a huge fan. I love this cover so much, the background shows all of Lois’ tools that make up her superpower – to find the truth. This cover just really stands out to me, it has a very classic ‘pop arty’ theme to it, and I love that. I’m going to say it – this is my favourite Lois Lane cover so far.

Lois lane 6 variant cover
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This issue picks up exactly where Event Leviathan #6 ended, and it’s probably one of the most emotional issues I’ve read in a long time. We see Lois say goodbye to her father Sam Lane at his military send off. We see Lois’ regret and joy when it comes to her relationship with her father, and I love the way that this is portrayed – in flashbacks. It’s nice to see different sides to Lois and actually also her father when it comes to what they have been through. Although we are aware of the troubles that they have had and discussions that they have had, it isn’t often touched upon. The most interesting one for me is her telling him about her relationship with Superman, I don’t recall hearing how that went down too often.

Surprisingly Lois Lane #6 also revealed how much Lois’ father had against Superman, her husband. I knew they had differences, but I didn’t know that it was also this way. To be honest, it kind of explains in a little more detail as to what their feud is all about and why their relationship is the way that it is – complicated. You really feel for Lois here, her flashbacks and reaction to Clark just shows how much that she wanted her father to get on with her husband, to accept him. And now with the aftermath that Leviathan has left, she will never get to see that. Personally I think that is what has affected her so much and it really is heartbreaking. Clark is as much, if not more, a part of her family as her father is.

The accuracy of the funeral just homes in on how gritty and realistic this series is, and I love that – I’ve said it many times, but it’s one of the great qualities of this series. These are real situations, that us folk unfortunately have to deal with in our lifetimes. For me, it perfectly reflects my reaction to these kinds of ordeals – taking time to reflect and reminisce on times whether they are good or bad ones.

Greg Rucka has done a fantastic job on this issue, it’s so beautifully written and really gives Sam Lane the send off he deserved. The silence from the characters really enhances the tension and emotion. The issue really lets the artwork do all of the talking, and that works perfectly with the tone and content of this issue. It just works so well, I actually think if Rucka were to have added any more speech in the issue, it may have ruined it. I have to say, Mike Perkins’ artwork throughout the issue really is the highlight. From the facial expressions, to the events of the funeral, the flashbacks, everything is in perfect detail and just so realistic. Nothing is exaggerated here, there are dim colours and sometimes choppy linework and it works perfectly. This is real life.

Haven’t picked up your copy of Lois Lane #6 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Mike Perkins here (UK), or here (US).

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