UNDONE release Superman Kryptonian Translator Watch

UNDONE have released a Superman Kryptonian Translator watch! Are you a Superman fan who is always late? A Superman collector looking to add a brand new time piece to their ever-growing collection? Well, have I got just the thing for you.

UNDONE produce bespoke yet premium watches. Their aim is not to just create watches, but for that time-piece to tell a story, to spark those fond memories that you have of a character, idea or brand, and they have done just that with their brand new Superman watch. UNDONE have produced a really incredible and unique piece that delves deeply into our beloved Superman mythos and nostalgia and I adore it. It perfectly blends geekiness with style, adding a subtle twist on your day to day watch.

Well, not only does this watch assist with telling the time, it also doubles as a decryptor, bringing us one step closer to being Kryptonian – something we have always wanted to be. Perhaps some of us still do. Personally this really is a huge selling point for me, where else can you get a watch that does this? Or anything else really? It’s these kinds of details that really add the luxe and uniqueness to this watch, making it one of a kind.

The attention to detail on this watch is stellar. It has a Kryptonian inscribed glass bezel working as the language decryptor which really does work. It isn’t just for novelty. You can be one step closer to sending Superman those secret messages you’ve always wanted to send, or perhaps intercept them!

What I also love about this watch is that is has brought together many different details since Superman’s introduction. The version of Kryptonian language used for this watch takes us back to the 1943 “Secret Superman Code”, whilst the materials stem from inspiration from General Zod’s battle armour in Man Of Steel, Not to mention it also features Superman’s iconic hero colours, which have been added into the design. Like I said before, this watch has been masterly crafted by a fellow Superman fan and that is clear.

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with founder of UNDONE and the man behind this super watch, Michael Young.

What made you want to incorporate the iconic character that is Superman into the design of your custom watches?

Superman has always held a special place in my mind. Ever since I was a little boy, I thought I could be like Superman. Every time I would wear his cape, I believed I could fly. I think this is probably something that resonates with a lot of people from a young age.

As well as presenting a beautifully designed watch, the piece also doubles to be a Kryptonian Language Translator, what made you want to incorporate that into the design? And how did you go about researching that?

I am not a fan of conventional designs, I don’t want to just slap a big logo on the watch and call it a Superman watch. 

While designing this watch, I was asking myself “would Superman wear this watch?” With this watch design, I wanted to create a watch that drew both on the nostalgia and love of Superman.

There is more than one form of Kryptonian Language, both represent different genres and eras of Superman, what made you choose this particular one?

I was drawn to this particular Kryptonian language because of the hieroglyphic symbols it uses, adding more mystery to the text that you are trying to decrypt. 

Your designs are both incredibly geeky, yet extremely stylish. Why is it important for you to be able to adapt those ideas together and how do you go about doing that during the design process?

The key to combining the two is to remember that at the end of the day you want people to wear the watch. At UNDONE, we want to create watches that you are eye-catching to start with but the closer you look the more details you will find and the more you will love the pieces.

Can we expect to see any further Superman watch designs from UNDONE?

We would always love to do another Superman watch, but it might take a little while – there are so many superheroes that we haven’t touched on yet. 

Here you can see Michael talking about the inspiration behind the UNDONE Superman Translator Watch and how he went about putting it together.

This heroically designed watch is on sale for $499.00, and if you act fast you can get it for a special pre-order price of $399.00. The item is available to pre-order now from their website and is expected to ship towards the end of July.

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