REVIEW: Man Of Tomorrow #4

Man Of Tomorrow #4 is here and this issue features a plot as old as time within the annals of the comic book and sci-fi genre. A fearsome creature who bears more than a passing resemblance to that of an elemental is stalking the green belt surrounding Metropolis. However, this creature is anything but mindless as it sets out on a mission that puts it on a collision course with The Man of Steel.

This very conflict takes centre stage on the cover as Superman looks to be in all kinds of trouble as the mysterious creature looms large, engulfing much of the page. I really love this cover by Paul Pelletier. There is a real fantasy element to it. The glow of the creatures eye straight away led me to think that magic maybe at play during the issue. This gloomy yet intense cover is visually stunning. Seeing a new character debut, be it hero or villain is always an exciting prospect especially on the cover while making an impact.

Superman Man of Tomorrow' #4
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This issue certainly packs a punch, but there is also a really intriguing mystery at the heart of it that both Lois and Clark look to get to the bottom of. It really is wonderful seeing Lois and Clark working together doing what they do best as they look to uncover the truth to a mystery 30 years in the making.

We also see an incredibly tragic character that instantly warrants an immense amount of sympathy. Superman certainly delivers on this as he automatically senses that there is more to this creature, this monster than meets the eye. Giving someone or indeed something the benefit of the doubt maybe Superman’s greatest strength.

Superman’s unwavering belief in others is what drives his actions in this issue even when drawn into combat with the creature. The creature at the heart of this issue looks horrifying, like a savage bestial version of Swamp Thing. The combat between the two is ferocious and at times horrifying. This is due to Superman in my opinion holding back.

This issue has a very satisfying conclusion. It almost felt like an episode of Smallville in the way that it was structured. This could be due to the issue only being 16 pages long, it just felt very punchy. As soon as the issue kicked off, we were at the races and we didn’t stop until the finish line.

Robert Venditti provided us with a very deep and intricate story that features an antagonist that is so much more than what they appear to be. The creature or monster in the eyes of some is very layered indeed. Lois really delivers some beautiful lines in this issue. Her exchanges with Clark are very wise yet very natural. Lois really is everything Clark needs her to be for all seasons. She very much fuels Clark and gives him the impetus to push on even when he doubts himself.

Paul Pelletier’s artwork in this issue is phenomenal. The creatures movements and fight style is horrifying and that very much translates on every page. I love how it’s mass and body shape morphs and expands to suffocate and swallow up The Man of Steel. These fight scenes really remind me of John Carpenters The Thing and I adore that. I am really loving this series so far, and I really hope that DC bring out a physical collected edition!

Haven’t read this issue of Man Of Tomorrow #4 yet? You can get it digitally via the Read DC website.

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