REVIEW: Lois Lane #10

Lois Lane #10 is finally here and at the very beginning, issues of Lois Lane featured a plethora of intriguing story threads that would accompany the main plot. However, as the series progresses the focus is solely on one event taking place.

The entirety of this issue sees Lois and her staunchest of allies attempt to lure the assassin known as ‘Kiss of Death’ into a trap, also removing Lois from her cross-hairs once and for all. Due to the straightforward premise featured in this issue, we are treated to a significant amount of character development and some absolutely riveting dialogue and exposition between our characters.

In regards to ‘Kiss of Death’, it’s the assassin’s skeletal profile that takes centre stage on the main cover created by interior artist Mike Perkins. The detail of the characters Skull is immense. This could easily be a photograph found in any world-renowned medical journal. The realism of the image accentuates the gritty, grounded tone of the book. The targets around the eyes make for a perfect visual metaphor for what we can expect in this issue. This is yet another wonderful cover that will certainly marry up with its predecessors.

Lois Lane #10 cover by Mike Perkins
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is created by Tula Lotay and instantly reminded me of a very famous photo of Margot Kidder. I love it when this happens and I’m very grateful to Tula for this. The piece itself is absolutely gorgeous. The eyes! It’s all about the eyes. They really tell the story here. There is a real retro/80’s vibe to this piece. This almost feels like the Lois Lane version of Sarah Connor before she becomes the woman that she is destined to become. Beauty and power are both fully in play here.    

LOIS LANE #10 variant cover
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Straight off the bat, it has to be said that this series has been slowly stepping into the world of the Supernatural. This is due to the recent appearance of Jessica Midnight, the troubled young woman from Wolverhampton who has now made her way state side and into the presence of Renee Montoya. Lois Lane #10 not only delves further in that sense but we also receive a rather expert analysis of the Multiverse as well. When I first encountered this expertly explained theory by Renee I absolutely adored it even if it did feel a little out of place at the time. However, once I began to analyse it in my head along with the characters in play and the writer too, the Multiverse finding a home in this series began to make perfect sense.

Greg Rucka was a key architect at DC Comics during the ‘Infinite Crisis’ and contributed to much of the storytelling featured in the year long event known solely as ’52’. Renee Montoya, a character close to Rucka’s heart is no stranger to being ‘reborn’ so to speak, and her knowledge on the Multiverse seems extensive. Her dialogue married up with Mike Perkins sublime artwork makes for extremely riveting storytelling indeed. Thanks to these glorious pages, I was locked in for the rest of the issue.

The rich dialogue doesn’t end there as we are treated to a gorgeous exchange between Superman and Lois. Thanks to writer Greg Rucka, this conversation plays out like an honest and authentic exchange between a husband and wife. Respect and trust really is at the heart of their dynamic. It must be so painful for Clark to hear Lois ask him to step back from the situation, a life threatening situation no less. However, the respect that Clark has for Lois and her request to handle this herself has to override all of his emotions. I guess these are the concessions even a Superman has to make to be with a woman such as Lois Lane.

Lois Lane #10 is a phenomenal read and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Rucka really makes you care for these characters so much. I’ve always been a fan of Renee Montoya. I adored her in the series ‘Gotham Central’ and was so pleased to see her added to this supporting cast. Now at issue 10 and nearing the finish line, I can safely say that I love her. Her loyalty and commitment to Lois is quite frankly inspiring. Her tenacity and determination is equal to that of Lois Lane herself. I even find myself wanting more of Jessica Midnight and ‘Kiss of Death’. These are two completely unfamiliar characters to me that I cannot get enough of.

Mike Perkins’ artwork in this issue is fantastic. The realistic and grounded artwork really does accentuate the no laughing matter story-line of life and death that we are witnessing play out. When the action does pick up and becomes intertwined with the supernatural elements I mentioned earlier, Perkins’ artwork really delivers and gives us something very unique indeed. The occult symbols and markings used look very authentic to say the least. This is an artist who deeply cares and does his research thoroughly. Nothing feels rushed when it comes to Mike Perkins.

With The Occult and The Multiverse finding its way into the series as well as being fully intertwined with this issues climactic ending, I for one cannot wait for the next installment of Lois Lane when it hits shelves.              

Haven’t picked up your copy of Lois Lane #10 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Mike Perkins here.

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