Prime 1 Studio Release Cutie1 DC Series

Prime 1 Studios have released a Cutie1 DC Series, they are known for their awesome statues and figures. This time they have released a very unique piece, or pieces should I say!

Introducing the Cutie1 DC Comics Series Vol 1. These limited edition 12cm pieces are adorable, but are also incredibly unique. They are designed to look like they have been stitched and crafted together, with buttons for eyes, a zip for a mouth and materialistic textures, I haven’t seen many items like these around. Take a look at the range.

Unfortunately, this series only comes as a complete set. The set includes DC’s most iconic superheroes and villains – Harley Quinn, The Joker, Robin, Catwoman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Superman (of course), Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Here’s a better look at the detail on the Superman piece.

The set is currently priced at $350.00, which I personally think is rather pricey, considering the size of the pieces. But I guess you do get 10 of them, and they are limited to only 400 pieces worldwide. It’s a huge commitment, especially if your focus is only on one character (like mine).

With that said, I do love the design of these Prime 1 Studios Cutie1 DC pieces, like I said before they really are unique and will make a fun addition to anyone’s collection. You can order your set now from the Prime 1 Studio website.

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