Diamond Select Toys Release Superman PRCC Exclusive Vinimate

Diamond Select Toys have released a new Superman Vinimate! Just because comic conventions world wide have been cancelled or have turned virtual this year, thankfully it doesn’t mean that the exclusives are cancelled!

Well, Puerto Rico Comic Con (PRCC) was set to take place 23rd-25th May 2020, but took to the internet to host one of the first virtual comic cons. During that time, Diamond Select Toys revealed a brand new Superman Vinimate design, which was set to be an exclusive to the convention. This new piece will be extremely familiar to Superman and many comic book fans, and is arguably THE best elseworld’s by DC Comics to date. It certainly is one of my favourites. Here’s a look at the exclusive piece:

That new design is none other than a Superman: Red Son variant, and it is a great piece. This brand new Vinimate design coincides with the release of the animated film released a few months back, but this really is the perfect companion to that. There’s just something about that suit that I adore, and I’m eager to collect anything to do with Superman, especially if it also features my favorite story.

This brand new Vinimate piece is available to buy NOW and is priced at $14.99, which is incredible reasonable for an exclusive. You can order your piece directly from the Geekrican.com website.

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