REVIEW: Lois Lane #11

Lois Lane #11, the penultimate issue is here and this proves to be a bittersweet occasion as I’m really going to miss this series, though I’m excited to see how it ends. Lois Lane #11 deals with the ramifications of the events that transpired at the end of the last issue.

First up, let’s take a look at the covers. The standard cover for Lois Lane #11 is by interior artist Mike Perkins, as it has been for the entire series. What I love about the covers by Perkins’ is that they are simplistic with regards to colour, but have so much detail and meaning. This one in particular features Lois in the middle of a whirlpool with a target looming over her, it perfectly corresponds with the contents of the issue. I feel the lack of colour match the covers to the series – grounded and very gritty and it really works with the series.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

As for the variant cover, I ADORE THIS. Joelle Jones has teamed up with Jordie Bellaire to bring us this gorgeous cover. Instantly it reminds me of a 70’s film poster, with a hint of tattoo art. The colours used just makes it pop right off the cover, and the pink and purple hues add a tease of femininity. When you look into the detail of the paper aspects behind Lois, each time you look at it you see something else. I would love to see Joelle Jones take on my favourite characters more often.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Lois Lane #11 dives right into the action as a desperate Jessica Midnight looks to revive a critically wounded Renee Montoya all while fending off the assassin known as ‘Kiss of Death’ who looks to finish off what she started. All this while Lois helplessly listens in on the phone.

This whole sequence is an adrenaline rush right from the get go, as the reader is thrust into a life or death situation as Renee fights for her life. The tension radiating off of ever page is palpable. This is due to the realistic artwork and authentic way our characters behave during this harrowing ordeal. Lois’ frantic behaviour is highly realistic. We’ve all felt that moment when sheer panic takes over, well I for one certainly witnessed that in all of Lois’ mannerisms.

This issue features some extremely rich character development. The mysterious ‘Kiss of Death’ has a light shone on her past which reveals very intriguing results. This coincides with the character undergoing a transformation that will alter the way she is perceived moving forward by both the reader and her peers. In my opinion ‘Kiss of Death’ is the highlight of the issue. I really am enjoying this characters fulfilling story-arc.

Lois has always been a multifaceted character. This is evident within these very pages as we bear witness to a plethora of emotions as well as state of mind radiate off of Lois. From panic-stricken to down right obstinate, the reader experiences it all and then some. However it’s the secrets this character possess which I find most fascinating. Lois certainly knows more than what she is letting on. This is more than evident in this issue.

For an issue that has dealt with highly traumatic subject matter throughout, Lois Lane #11 concludes with a real ‘call to arms’ kind of feel. Our beloved characters are right where they need to be emotionally as well as physically to face the final hurdle. All of these inspiring women have walked their own path on a journey of self discovery within these very pages. Characters such as Renee Montoya and certainly Jessica Midnight have grown and become more than what they were. Both characters in my opinion have discovered a revitalized sense of self and purpose in their lives.

Straight off the bat, I loved this issue of Lois Lane. Greg Rucka has created a highly charged and emotional issue. The exchanges had between our characters are intense and emotional. The mix of authentic dialogue and the other-worldly provided by Jessica Midnight adds so much texture to the world these otherwise grounded characters inhabit.

Artist Mike Perkins has created yet another masterpiece. Mike Perkins artwork is realistic and gritty. The sight of Renee’s motionless body is harrowing to see. Seeing this beloved character bleeding out truly brought a tear to my eye. Mike Perkins ability to mix reality with the other-worldly elements of this story looks just incredible. Mystical energies and imagery really pop off the page. This is thanks to not only Mike Perkins but Andy Troys’ immersive colours too, which really add to the atmosphere of every page.

Lois Lane #11 has more than whet my appetite for the series finale. I for one cannot wait to read the epic conclusion to this remarkable series.

Haven’t picked up your copy of Lois Lane #11 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Mike Perkins here (UK) or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Joelle Jones, you can pick that up here.

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