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REVIEW: Man Of Tomorrow #10

Man Of Tomorrow #10 is here and the series has been a really fantastic series so far. With a plethora of creatives working on such an iconic character, in such a short time we have seen so many takes, styles and iterations and for that I am so grateful. I’ve gotten to know artists, writers and colourists that I wasn’t previously familiar with and they now have a brand new fan.

This series has been so consistent, and I can’t wait to see how it continues. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the cover for Man Of Tomorrow #10. This cover by Thony Silas, with colours by Wil Quintana is glorious. It really reminds me of Jorge Jimenez’s artwork, which is a huge compliment. I love the slightly dull coloured background with a bold and bright Superman taking centre stage. Superman looks powerful and mighty on this cover and I love that. This really is a great cover.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Once again the issue is split into two completely different parts, but this time with two completely different creative teams. Part one is titled “Pro-Lobo” and reminds us of just one of the reasons that we love Superman.

Disobeying the instructions of the Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman in The Hall Of Justice, Superman let’s his feelings get the better of him as he races off to stop Lobo once again. When he arrives, he instantly and immediately stops Lobo from capturing the small and innocent looking creature for his bounty, assuming that he is the wrong-doer in this scenario. That doesn’t quite go to plan for either of them as Superman soon realises that he was wrong to judge so quickly before understanding the situation fully.

To put it simply I love this story by Dave Wielgosz and the message of the issue, it shows how different characters or beings can interpret Superman’s situation in different ways. Superman is the last son of Krypton, his planet and people destroyed. Lobo too is the last of his kind, and this “Empathy vampire” is in exactly the same scenario. But instead of accepting it, and making the best out of a bad situation like Lobo and Superman have by honoring that fact, this vampire claims revenge on everything and anything that he can, including Superman.

At first I was a little disappointed to see Superman not listening to the Justice League, it’s not often he goes out on such a limb after being warned by his respected peers. In the end it paid off, but he didn’t know that it would at the time. What I did love about his story is that as soon as he realised he was wrong, he accepted it and instantly teamed up with someone who he has no respect for in order to protect the people, and do the right thing despite his feelings. That is what Superman is all about and Wielgosz has captured that perfectly and has brought us a quintessential Superman story which I love.

Personally I have to say the artwork has it’s moments. The action sequences are fantastic and the pace of the fight is demonstrated perfectly by Riley Rossmo’s artwork. The colours by Ivan Plascencia are consistently vibrant and completely on point, it really makes the issue pop and it really brings it to life. The only gripe that I had with the artwork the expressions and compositions of the characters faces, but it certainly is an interesting yet unique artwork style that admittedly may not be for everyone.

Part 2 “The Champion” in may ways has the same concept as the first part, but under completely different circumstances. Superman wakes up as a captor in an unknown place. Quickly piecing things together he finds he is on Warworld and that he has been captured by Mongul. It’s a race against time for Superman as he figures out why he has been extracted from Earth and must act quickly in order to save it and it’s inhabitants.

Straight off the bat Superman already anticipates what his captor Mongul is up to. Like he said, the capture and battle was just a distraction from a much bigger plan, that will have bigger consequences.

To reiterate what I said before, this is a very similar theme to the first part, just focusing around a different facet of Superman, how humble he is. This time it’s over his role within the universe and more specifically on Earth. Because Superman is so powerful compared to those of Earth, he is constantly questioned as to why he doesn’t rule it. As we know Superman is not built this way at all, he protects and serves, and people often think of him as Earth’s champion, but that’s not how he sees it. For him he is simply a member of the population, who is there to help.

Mongul in particular constantly tests him on this because essentially that is his goal and he doesn’t understand anyone or anything that doesn’t share it. He wants to be a god, yet Superman is the complete opposite which makes them great enemies. I always enjoy the stories and issues that Superman goes head to head with Mongul because although they are very equal opponents, they have polar opposite beliefs. For Superman that just intensifies the stakes and Michael Moreci has done a fantastic job of bringing that to our attention. It is clear that Moreci understands what Superman is all about.

The artwork in this part is by cover artist Thony Silas and it is phenomenal. Again, I am new to Silas’ artwork but it is incredibly detailed and that is heightened with colours by Wil Quintana. I love the way the pair have captured flight and speed, the way that Superman’s silhouette is stretched to his flight path is genius and really effective. Each and every page is gorgeous, this Superman oozes might and confidence and I adore it. I really want to see this duo work on Superman again.

Once again Man Of Tomorrow #10 has been an incredible issue and I cannot wait to read the next issue.

Haven’t read Man Of Tomorrow #10 yet? You can purchase it digitally via the Read DC website. Prefer to use Comixology? You can get the issue here (UK) or here (US).

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  1. I have read the first issue and have 2-10 waiting for me. It’s refreshing to read a series detached from the current continuity. Very fun.

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