REVIEW: Lois Lane #12

Lois Lane #12 is here which means this wonderfully executed maxi-series created by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins has come to a conclusion, and what a satisfying conclusion it is.

Lois Lane #12 is here which means this wonderfully executed maxi-series created by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins has come to a conclusion, and what a satisfying conclusion it is.

In regards to the main cover I got exactly what I wanted. A fitting tribute to the life and times of Lois Lane. All this and still remaining stylistically true to the covers that have come before. All of which have been created by interior artist Mike Perkins. This cover captures the true essence of Lois Lane as she is depicted in a plethora of unique scenarios, all of which she seems effortlessly comfortable in however diverse they maybe. Be it on the front-lines or in the studio, Lois tackles life head on ready to seize the day.

Lois Lane #12
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover for this issue is created by fan favourite artist Amanda Connor and features a very fitting hat nod to ‘We Can Do It’ propaganda created by J. Howard Miller back in 1943. This world-renowned symbol of female empowerment really goes hand in hand with Lois Lane who also happens to be a feminist icon to countless generations of fans, including myself. I simply adore this cover. It is a very fitting conclusion to an iconic series.

Lois Lane #12 Variant Cover
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

As I eluded to earlier, Lois Lane #12 is a very satisfying conclusion as all loose ends are tied up. Lois’ story has gone to press and to quote Shakespeare ‘truth will out’. Having completed this series, it’s apparent that Lois lives her life by that very quote. Lois has attacked this story head on and has cared very little for the consequences.

In this issue Lois returns to The Daily Planet with story in hand. Her exchange with Perry is a joy to behold. Even though they have spent time apart with the odd assassination attempt in between, the pair fallback into their time and tested routine like nothing has happened. That quote about an old pair of slippers certainly springs to mind. This is but one of many fascinating exchanges had within the pages of this issue. I love the heart-warming farewell conversation had between Lois and her staunchest of allies, Reene Montoya. Of course it had to be Reene to ask the tough questions.

The ideal at the very heart of this series has always been the ‘Truth’. The uncovering of the truth will always have a positive or negative effect. This will always call into question whether or not the truth is better served to stay a secret. There is no wrong or right answer to this question within the pages of a comic or real life. It is however a question that must be asked. Reene is certainly the woman for the job as she has consistently been the voice of reason throughout this series.

Lois shares some very honest and tender moments with her husband in this issue. Of all the Superman titles I’ve read recently, it’s this series where I feel Lois and Clark’s relationship has suffered the most. Clark has felt so helpless in this series and Lois’ insistence on doing things her way have inadvertently exacerbated that feeling. Of course Clark knows this is how his wife works things out, but still that feeling of loss and helplessness has remained. The conversation had in this issue sees a reconciliation of sorts I longed to see. Both Lois and Clark understand and appreciate that both must answer to a higher calling, that of truth and justice. This is definitely the message I received from this exchange.

As the issue comes to a close we witness the aforementioned positive and negative affects of Lois revelations come to fruition. I love seeing all the various outlets reporting on Lois’ finds. This really feels like the finale of a gripping political thriller coming to its satisfying conclusion.

‘Satisfying conclusion’ seems to be the statement of the day. I don’t like to be repetitive but it really is the case. Writer Greg Rucka has created a very strong finale indeed. Rucka understands these strong female leads so well. Lois is so much to so many people. Mother, wife and protege to name but a few. All of these facets have appeared more than once in this series. Rucka understands these roles and focuses Lois accordingly. This is a woman of many facets who always stays true to who she is.

Interior artist Mike Perkins has once again created the most realistic and engaging artwork in an issue that is made up predominantly of conversation and exposition. Mike Perkins artwork keeps the story flowing perfectly as Rucka closes out an exceptional deep and intricate series.

Lois Lane has honestly been a joy to read each and every month. Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins have crafted an intricate story-line with the most engaging characters. I for one cannot wait to see the further exploits of Lois, Reene, Jessica and Sister Clarice. This is a series that I will certainly miss.

Haven’t picked up your issue of Lois Lane #12, you can pick up the standard cover by Mike Perkins here (UK).

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