Factory Entertainment Reveal Superman SDCC Exclusive

Factory Entertainment have revealed a Superman SDCC exclusive! Despite the fact that San Diego Comic Con 2020 has gone virtual with Comic Con At Home, it seems we are still getting a bunch of exclusive merchandise and products, which is great news!

One of those exclusives is by Factory Entertainment who have released images of the brand new Superman Metal miniature Figures. Here are the images:

Now I know the Factory Entertainment Superman SDCC piece look rather small, however they are made from solid metal and are 1:32 scale. Considering their size this piece is so damn detailed and have each been hand-painted.

I really like these metal figures. Factory Entertainment have produced several Superman pieces like this one before and each are great additions to any collection. This one is no exception. But like many other exclusives this one is limited edition, and is limited to just 250 pieces worldwide.

This Factory Entertainment Superman SDCC piece is priced at $40.00 from their website, and will ship the week following 24th August, however they are available to pre-order now! I say they because you can also get SDCC exclusive Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg ones to match. Should you wish to get them, Factory Entertainment are providing a bundle offer on all four for just $100.00, giving you a saving of $60.00.

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