REVIEW: Man Of Tomorrow #13

Man Of Tomorrow #13 is here and each and every week I find myself looking forward to reading a brand new issue of Man Of Tomorrow and so far I have never found myself disappointed. Man Of Tomorrow #13 has continued that great streak with another fantastic issue.

But first let’s talk about the cover, which is by David Lafuente with colours by Luis Gerrero. Man this cover is great! It shows a very triumphant looking Superman as he streaks toward the sky. The art style is extremely unique and when combined with these incredibly bold colours the piece just pops right off the page.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13 review
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Lois Lane receives a note that she is to interview The Prankster alone. Without getting the chance to tell her husband, she obliges to get a scoop, but it turns out that The Prankster isn’t actually the one who summoned her. Regardless he takes her as hostage as he co-ordinates a very playful prison escape whilst Superman is on a race against time to save his wife.

As you can tell the issue focuses around The Prankster, and if you’ve watched my YouTube videos regarding the golden age comics, you’ll know that he is my absolute least favorite Superman villain period. I just find him so damn irritating. But damn he has one hell of a new look and attitude in this issue compared to what I’m used to reading. In this issue he certainly is a lot more dangerous and that is clear. This is actually a version of The Prankster that I like and could get used to reading and that is down to Robert Venditti adding a unique twist to the character.

Venditti has proven yet again that he fully understands these characters, whether it’s Lois Lane, Superman or Perry White. Personally I love how he writes the relationship between Lois and Clark, especially when it comes to their marriage. They really understand each other and although Superman is essentially all things good, there are even things that he needs to understand when it comes to closure with his wife.

Again I really love the realism to the table, mostly with Lois and Clark’s marriage and little arguments. I love the running theme of financial troubles because Superman keeps wrecking his suits. Although Superman is a larger than life character this whole concept really grounds him as a person. A few laughs came from this sequence, especially when it came to the dig on wearing his underwear on the outside.

The artwork throughout is just outstanding. David Lafuente has a very unique art style which is instantly recognisable. Despite the fact that Superman has a rather blocky, I really love the artwork. The art combined with the beautiful colours really adds a great touch to such a playful issue. There are several moments where Venditti allows the artwork to really speak for itself and that really pays off in this issue, especially when it comes to the action sequences that portray the chase between Superman and The Prankster and his gang.

This is just a really good and solid issue yet again, with plenty of fun moments. Although I am getting impatient on the Metallo front, as he didn’t feature on this issue at all, this issue was another great read. I am really looking forward to seeing where this issue goes in the next coming issues.

Haven’t read Man Of Tomorrow #13 yet? You can read the issue online via the ReadDC Website. Or if you prefer Comixology you can get the issue here (UK), or here (US).

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