REVIEW: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 is one of the Future State issues that I have been most excited for. I love Superman and I love Wonder Woman, so what’s not to love!

Writer Dan Watters and artist Leila Del Duca continue the proud tradition of bring to us the continuing adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman with this very issue as Jonathan Kent and Yara Flor step into the shoes of Clark and Diana.

Industry legends Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson have created a very dynamic image for the standard cover, as Superman and Wonder Woman are flanked by a classic villain created by legendary Superman scribe Grant Morrison. Lee Weeks’ interpretation of Jonathan as Superman is very reminiscent to that of Clark in terms of stature. Jonathan’s positioning and posture looks like that of a character well versed in combat and the art of war. It’s interesting to note that Jonathan is wearing a cape on the cover and indeed the issue as a whole. This of course is unlike his appearance in Superman of Metropolis #1. It will be interesting to see if the character continues to mix it up in the wardrobe department for the foreseeable future.

Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover created by Jeremy Roberts is one of the most photo realistic I have ever seen. Jonathan Kent and Yara Flor seemingly come to life as they are captured majestically soaring above the city streets. The realism of this piece is incredible. It is so refreshing to see a woman of colour taking on the mantle of Wonder Woman. Yara’s costume, specifically her armour pops as the setting sun highlights the texture of its surface.

Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 is a very simple story that is full of heart as well as all the core fundamentals that make Superman and Wonder Woman great. An artificial intelligence known by the name of Solaris looks to blot out the sun and destroy the man who once banished it to the furthest reaches of space, none other than The Man of Steel himself, Superman.

I simply adore how the creative team has incorporated Kuat, a sun god who is worshiped by The Mamaiurans, a native Brazilian tribe into this story line. This is a very nice move considering Yara Flor’s own South American heritage. Kuat spends much of the issue in space and on the front-lines confronting Solaris as its presence in Earth’s orbit causes a number of natural disasters.

I love to see Superman and Wonder Woman helping out on a more relatable level such as coming to the aid of a Helicopter and rescuing a Welder from a potential high-rise fall. There is an argument to be had that a little too much time was spent with Kuat facing off against Solaris instead of either Superman or Wonder Woman. I feel that the issue overall was weighted rather nicely.

Jonathan is full of hope and optimism in this issue which is a joy to behold. I simply adore how he greets each and everyday. Its such an inventive way to differentiate Jonathan’s tenure as Superman from Clark’s. Yara Flor aka Wonder Woman is a character I have instantly fallen in love with. Yara is independent and full of tenacity. This is a character who isn’t afraid to speak her mind especially when she talks with Jonathan.

The dialogue in this issue does a wonderful job of explaining all that we need to know. This is key considering the time that has past as well as history shared between our characters. I love the fact that Yara doesn’t quite see eye to eye with Jonathan. This adds so much depth and texture to their relationship especially considering the lofty standards expected of them due to the footstep they are walking in.

The artwork in this issue is stellar especially when Kuat confronts Solaris in space. Energy dispersal looks phenomenal as these two combatants challenge one another in a number of epic exchanges. The environments in this issue look incredible. Metropolis has truly embraced living walls and roof gardens that are currently starting to pop up all over major Metropolitan areas. This is a great idea considering that Metropolis is known as the city of tomorrow.

Colourist Nick Filardi fills every page with gorgeous vibrant colours that compliment Leila Del Duca’s artwork perfectly. Space feels like its full of extremes as the freezing cold void is suddenly awash with searing heat. This is courtesy of the rich colours that embellish every page.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 is a gentle introduction into the relationship between Jonathan Kent and Yara Flor. This is very much appreciated because the pair obviously have a history together that is yet to be uncovered by the audience. I for one absolutely loved this issue and cannot wait to see what happens next.     

Haven’t picked up Superman/Wonder Woman #1 yet? You can get the standard cover by Lee Weeks here (UK), or here (US).

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