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REVIEW: Truth & Justice #5

Truth & Justice #5 is finally here and after last weeks issue I have been eagerly waiting for it. Truth & Justice #4 was a phenomenal read, I am totally invested in this story line.

Before we get into the issue itself, let’s take a look at the cover by Jahnoy Lindsay, with colours by Marissa Louise. Now, this cover is nowhere near as striking as #4, but I think I know the reason why here. It seems that the story has been split, so for the second part they have used interior artwork. With that said, this piece is still stunning. Superman is confident and looks to be in complete control. I really love Lindsay’s Superman, he looks great, and that artwork with the addition of Louise’s colours is just impeccable.

Truth & Justice #5 Review - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Truth & Justice #5 picks up right where we left off in the previous issue, as both Superman and Clark Kent continues the investigation to help Bud Oakwood and the countless other victims of false incarceration. In order to do that Clark tries to find clues in the source of the weaponry, and also in society to find out just what people really think about racism.

This is another phenomenal issue which really shows racism for what it is, a cancer. Not only that but there are so many levels to it, and Brandon Easton does an excellent job of highlighting that in this issue. As a person of colour reading this, there are things that are all too familiar and just as Superman did in this issue, you really feel like you need a break from humanity every once and a while.

Once again Easton’s take on Superman is stellar and in this issue I love that both Superman and Clark Kent equally do the heavy lifting. Whilst Superman takes on the more drastic and dramatic issue, Clark is more personable with those affected by this whole ordeal and it is lovely to see. Like I’ve said before it is incredible to see my hero tackle this issue. Usually we see him take on fictional villains or problems, this one is very real and it really hits home. This issue highlights so many things wrong with society when it comes to racism and how some perceive people of colour.

The artwork in Truth & Justice #5 is incredible. Like I said in my previous review for #4 there is something so unique about Jahnoy Lindsay’s artwork, I absolutely adore the textures, they are masterfully done. Superman looks great in this issue, not only are his stances and poses completely on brand, but he looks so confident with every action. That artwork combined with Marissa Louise’s colours really make the issue pop. I adore this pair’s artwork in this issue, it’s vibrant and bold and to me that’s what Superman is all about.

Truth & Justice #5 continues a very important story-line and like I’ve said before it is incredible to see Superman take on a very real villain in today’s society, racism.

Haven’t read Truth & Justice #5 yet? You can read it via Comixology here (UK), or here (US).

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