DC Comics And Spotify To Launch Superman Podcast

DC Comics and Spotify have revealed more information on their plans for the brand new superhero podcast universe.

As part of Spotify’s Stream On virtual event, Jim Lee revealed more information on the deal between Warner Brothers, DC Comics and Spotify, which was teased at the HBO Max launch.

DC Comics And Spotify To Launch Superman Podcast | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: Warner Media

The first addition is Batman Unburied, which is written by David S. Goyer who is the screenwriter for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Batman v Superman. The project is set to delve into Bruce Wayne’s psychology, so you can imagine it is going to be pretty dark and is expected to launch towards the end of 2021.

Following that news, Jim Lee teased podcasts that focus on a plethora of DC Comics characters, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lois Lane, Catwoman, Riddler and Batgirl. Can you guess which one I’m most excited for?

Sadly, this is all of the information that is floating around, however it is excellent news! As a DC Comics and Superman fan I am happy to follow my hero via whatever multimedia methods I possibly can. Podcasts are hugely popular at the moment so it only makes sense for DC to explore this method of story telling.

This is a great way to bring in current and new audiences to the DC universe and its iconic characters, and I am very excited to listen to the DC Comics Podcast on Spotify.

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