Q Posket Release Anime Superman Statues

Q Posket is a brand by Banpesto which is owned and managed by Bandai, one of the foremost toymakers and designers in Japan

Q Pocket have released two fantastic anime style Superman statues and it’s two shades of Superman as Japanese statue and design toymaker Branpresto’s newest Q Posket hits the online collectible market. With a body like Christopher Reeves and the head of a cutesy Chibi anime character, it’s comics meets manga in adorable five-inch glory. 

The costume is perfect with all the bold details noted in the classic Man of Steel livery. Owners and collectors familiar with the Grand Jester Studio release statue may see his build here as uncanny. A slimmer build while still maintaining toned muscles is always a humbling look for Superman. As the late Neal Adams believed, superheroes should have more acrobatic and slim builds especially if they want to be quick. Fans of the original Superboy also dig this Superman appearance since a slim Superman commonly conveys one early in his superhero career. Modern Superman fans may get Action Comics 2011 Annual #1 vibes with the posing.

It’s the face and head where the uniqueness of Q Posket comes into play. There is an anime-based focus on the cheeks and eyes here where the brand actually gets its name –Q as in cute and Posket as in cheek since it is the French word for it.

What’s not to love about Chibi Superman? He’s small, he’s cute as a puppy, and he’s…well, Superman. The art style with those big eyes and baby cheeks fits a character like him because there has always been an innocence and gentleness associated with Kal-El’s nature. He has his brows furrowed, but not too much so as to not be too intimidating. 

Q Posket is also known for releasing two versions of the same figures. While the difference may not be noticeable at first, once you get a picture of statue A and statue B together it becomes night and day (which I actually think is the theme they were going for.) Figure A is more boldly colored while figure B is more shaded. The best way I can describe it when it comes to the Superman statue is that figure A is Brandon Routh’s Superman suit colors while figure B is Henry Cavill’s colors. In other words, A is that baby blue color while B nearly falls into navy-colored territory. Q Posket did the same thing when they released their Supergirl statues and will be doing the same when they release their Batman ones based on the Matt Reeves film. 

Q Posket Superman

Q Posket is a brand by Banpesto which is owned and managed by Bandai, one of the foremost toymakers and designers in Japan. Their Superman statues are set to release by the end of the month, but several online stores like Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store are selling them with immediate shipping with a retail price of $26.99.  

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