New Pokémon ‘Palafin’ Pays Homage to Superman 

The latest dolphin Pokémon in the Scarlet and Violet games, ‘Palafin’ is a direct homage to Superman.

Each new generation and release of the mainline Pokémon games introduces several more of the loveable and powerful creatures that evolve and grow stronger with new game mechanics and gimmicks. The latest dolphin Pokémon in the Scarlet and Violet games, ‘Palafin’ is a direct homage to Superman in a way that is beautifully and uniquely integrated into the gameplay. 

Finizen (a play on the word citizen) is cute water-type dolphin Pokémon that can be found in the Area Three region of the map by the coastal city of Levincia City. They pretty much have all the traits of a normal dolphin – playful attitudes, interested in other creatures, and usually travel in pods. As a Pokémon, they can also pack a punch as a go-to water-type. 

If the player uses the Union Circle multiplayer feature, has at least one other player to join their group and levels Finizen past level 38 (a reference to Superman’s debut year of 1938), it will evolve into a Palafin. At first, it doesn’t look like much of a difference with just the addition of a heart on its chest – but this is just the alter ego. 

The new Pokemon, ‘Palafin’ is described as a Pokémon that changes its appearance when it hears cries for help while letting no one see it change – just like Clark Kent and Superman. Upon evolution, Palafin gains a move called “Flip Turn” which causes it to return to its Pokeball. Unseen to everyone, Palafin turns into its hero form. When the next Pokémon on the player’s team is injured, Palafin will jump in and take over – seeing how it’s a job for Dolphin Man (what the Pokémon’s name in Japanese translates to). 

In hero mode Palafin’s appearance takes more of a comic book hero type of turn as the dolphin stands up, gains herculean muscle mass, and even a chest emblem. It’s also always in the traditional Superman pose. The description reads “This Pokémon’s ancient genes have awakened. It is now so extraordinarily strong that it can lift cruise ships with one fin.” The Pokedex’s image also portrays it heroically posing among a pod of Finizens – all looking quite hopeful at it. Hero mode also boasts tremendously high power and stats and at high enough levels, even legendary Pokémon can’t stop Palafin. 

No other Pokémon has this ability. What’s more is that Palafin’s zero to hero ability is not permanent. It will always turn back into its zero form once the battle is over. While it also seems that referencing Superman with a dolphin is random, it actually makes sense considering the reports of dolphins saving the lives of humans – at least that’s a fan theory. 

Should you wish to find the new Pokemon ‘Palafin’ who pays homage to Superman, be sure to pick up the latest games; Scarlet & Violet.

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