McFarlane Toys Announce DC Multiverse ‘Project Superman’ Action Figure

This month, McFarlane Toys announced the next figure in the series – Project Superman.

McFarlane Toys announced a DC Multiverse Flashpoint Aquaman figure last month as part of the new Flashpoint Cyborg build-a-figure series which will consist of four 7” figures, the first being the conqueror-king of Atlantis. This month, they announced the next figure in the series – Project Superman. 

Make no mistake, the gaunt, emaciated Superman you see is Kal-El, just if he landed in the heart of Metropolis as an infant instead of Smallville. That infant responsible for killing millions and beginning one of the biggest government cover-ups and projects taking place on that world. Kept underground and away from sunlight most of his life, Kal-El never could properly get nourishment from the sun as he would otherwise. That is until The Flash, Batman, and Cyborg come to free him to help them on their quest to restore Earth-1. Still, Project Superman serves as a symbol of hopeful perseverance as he does prove to be a grateful friend and ally later. 

Here’s a look at the brand new Project Superman action figure:

Like every other McFarlane DC Multiverse release, this 7” figure designed for articulation comes with a trading card with comic book art, this one being his original appearance as drawn by Andy Kubert. Project Superman has more or less worn a prison outfit rather than a super suit, but even with a monotone digit next to it, the letter “S” still finds a way to instil hope. And of course, the figure will also contain the second piece to the Cyborg build-a-figure.

Like the Aquaman figure, Project Superman is a Target exclusive with preorders available through their website. New figures part of the series will be revealed in the coming months.  

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