REVIEW: Power Girl #4

Power Girl #4 continues the action packed and explosive story arc. I have to say I haven’t read many solo Power Girl comic books, but I am loving this series. I have loved getting to know her, her relationship with the rest of the Superman family, where she stands in the world, but most importantly her relationship with herself.

But before we get into the issue itself, let’s take a look at the covers. The main cover is by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson and it looks like it has been pulled straight out of a horror comic. Though it perfectly captures the essence and contents of the issue, it I filled with detail and it really gives it an aspect of realism.

Power Girl #4 Review

The variant by Dusty Nguyen is incredible! I love this for many reasons. I love how adorable Power Girl looks as she soars through space, I love how vibrant she is against the dark skies. I also love how different and unique this piece is, I haven’t seen anything like it in a while.

Power Girl #4 Review

The variant by Sweeney Boo is stunning, Power Girl looks gorgeous here in a slight pin up style cover. The art oozes girl power with all of the stars in the background and also her heroic yet playful stance. I love this take on Power Girl.

Power Girl #4 Review

There are also some great variant covers by Saowee andJamal Campbell.

In Power Girl #4 we get more insight into what Amalak wants and it’s Power Girl herself. We see the lengths that he, or should I say it, has taken to get to her and why they are so desperate to do so. It’s here that we find that she has been infected by the Kryptonian virus and attempts to take down Superman. She puts up one hell of a fight against him and actually gets the upper hand on several occasions and it’s here that Leah Williams really gives us a taste of what she’s capable of.

The interior artwork is by Eduardo Pansica, with inks by Júlio Ferreira, colours by Romulo Fajardo Jr and letters by Becca Carey. The way that this team showcase the idea that Power Girl is still conscious through her own eyes yet has no control is so impressive. It really shows how powerless she is as she attempts to fight her own consciousness. The pages where we see Power Girl vs Superman was always going to be a spectacle and the detail and scale of the damage does not disappoint.

Luckily, Superman isn’t the only one coming to her aid and this moment just goes to show that sometimes, a girl just needs her best friend. Here we see Omen and of course their feline friend, Streaky take to centre stage and the pair manage to dish out optimal damage in the fight against Amalak. This really was one of those ‘cheer out loud’ moments and I have to say I am so happy it was Omen (and Streaky of course) to be the one to truly save her.

Whilst this story arc comes to a rather brutal end in Power Girl #4, it is very clear that it isn’t over. This win for Power Girl has ended with Symbol getting a new host, one that is very much trusted by the entire Superman family and that could be a huge danger to them and the entire world.

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