AdultSwim Release First Teaser For Season 2 Of ‘My Adventures With Superman’

To celebrate 86 years of Superman on 18th April, AdultSwim gave us a first teaser and look at Season 2 of ‘My Adventures With Superman’. After the success of the first series, this second one is eagerly awaited by fans, myself included!

The teaser suggests that Clark is not the only Kryptonian around and seeing as we have already seen General Zod in the first season and the rather feminine looking arm reaching out – it seems we may get to see Supergirl sooner than we thought!

Sadly there is no official release date for Season 2 of ‘My Adventures With Superman’ as of yet, however for those that simply can’t wait that long can bridge the gap between Season 1 and 2, with the comic release due to release in July.

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