DC Reveals Details About ‘Absolute Power’ Summer Event

The Justice League are back! But they aren’t uniting against some horrible, world or universe-ending threat. In fact, this one wants to save Earth and keep it safe – just way too much. Amanda Waller will do anything for security, even if it means collaborating with dangerous villains to steal the powers of every metahuman on the planet. This is what DC’s latest event Absolute Power will see in July. 

It hasn’t just been Suicide Squad: Dream Team that has been leading up to this but several other stories like Batman: Failsafe, Titans: Beast World, and even Action Comics: House of Brainiac. Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen are confirmed to be appearing in this series. Best of all, Batman Superman World’s Finest’s Mark Waid and Dan Mora will be the creative team behind it. 

Absolute Power

Sadly, it would appear the Waller succeeded in sapping metahumans’ powers because the first cover by Mora and some additional character art show a powered-down version of the Justice League defying Waller. This battle is going to be one of laying low for the Justice League and their new suits reflect that need for stealth in a world that Waller may possibly be running. Superman returns to his black rejuvenation suit. At a time like this, every little sunray counts. If we know any of these people, then we know that without their powers they are still just as mighty (especially Batman). 

Absolute Power

Saturday, May 4 is Free Comic Book Day and the prologue issue will be one of those free books being given out. Waid and illustrator Mikel Janin tease Absolute Power with a 12-page preview in what will be the 2024 Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition issue. The issue will also include Absolute Power: Ground Zero which will connect the main Absolute Power series with Action Comics. 

Meanwhile, Absolute Power #1 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora will be released on July 2. 

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