McFarlane Toys Begins Pre-Orders For Jim Lee 1:6 Superman Statue

McFarlane Toys Digital is a unique line of statues and figures that come with redeemable codes for digital collectibles that can be redeemed for rewards, and discounts, sold for equal value as their physical counterparts, and more. At the same time, the statues bring that McFarlane Toys-level detail to the collectibles that need it the most. The latest release is a Jim Lee Superman 1:6 statue now available for pre-order at online retailers. 

Inspired by Jim Lee’s cover of “For What Tomorrow,” which has become one of the most referenced and significant Superman illustrations in modern comics. This is by no means the first statue to be based on, it isn’t even the fifth, which shows just how timeless it is. 

The PVC statue includes the nylon, wire-posable cape that McFarlane Toys has come to adopt with all its products. The mold and paintwork also include some of the subtle textures of his suit, face, and hands. The sleek art-deco gargoyle of Metropolis makes for a great base with the McFarlane Toys display base. The cape, however, is missing the yellow House of El emblem. Like McFarlane Toys’ other releases, statues, and products in the digital line also come with collectible art cards. Naturally, the one of the Superman statue is the very cover by Jim Lee it’s based on. 

The Jim Lee Superman 1:6 statue in the McFarlane Digital Collectibles line is available for pre-order with a June and July shipping date depending on the retailer for $49.99. For $99.98 from McFarlane Toys’ website, the New 52 Flash, also inspired by Jim Lee, 1:6 statue is included in another preorder option with the same shipping date. The Flash statue also comes with a digital collectible code.

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