‘Red Son: Genesis’ – A Superman Fan Film Announced

Last month, Time Capsule Productions (formerly The Zeitgeist) released a trailer for what will be the pilot in a nine-episode fan series ‘Red Son: Genesis’ – naturally based on Mark Millar’s Elseworld series ‘Superman: Red Son’. 

The trailer actually goes where the comic hasn’t gone yet and that is young Kal-El growing up in the Ukrainian collective in the Soviet Union. Of course, the rise of Kal into the Soviet hero that the alternate history knows him as is teased with some quality costume design for what little we see. Here’s a look at the trailer:

With nine episodes, there’s a lot it can do with Millar’s unforgettable story of the vain search for utopia and hope. There’s also a pleasant hint of political thriller in there. 

According to director and project lead Luke Harris, the first episode of ‘Red Son: Genesis’ will be released in the last weekend of May with a runtime of 16 minutes. The series is shot on a budget of $30,000 and filmed mostly in Estonia. A release schedule for the rest of the episodes has yet to be revealed. 

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