MINI-REVIEW: Free Comic Book Day Absolute Power Special Edition

The countdown to Absolute Power still has one major thing left to do before officially beginning, and that is to tie into House of Brainiac. The FCBD Absolute Power Special Edition teases just that along with Amanda Waller’s newest schemes and allies. 

Dan Mora’s cover which was freely given on May 4 shows our Trinity in the face of a new demented one of Waller, Failsafe, and Queen Brainiac. All three are united by a common goal –the elimination of metahumans on a global scale. No Crisis or Legion of Doom, this event is all homegrown. Mora deserves all the artist spotlight with his work on World’s Finest. 

The team for World’s Finest actually reunites for this special issue with Mark Waid telling the short, unfortunate story of Waller and Failsafe’s latest victim, Haywire. Dylan Moore is shown what Waller has been up to in the shadows all these years Mikel Janin draws the thrilling 12 pages set in her dark underworld with some shocks on the way. 

(7/10) Now, we all turn our attention to House of Brainiac for the latest in what will be the final bridge before Absolute Power kicks off for the summer. The FCBD Absolute Power Special Edition is a nice little treat while we wait. 

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