Funko Release Batman/Superman Fusion POP! As SDCC Exclusive

Straight out of the pages of the ongoing Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Funko has officially revealed the first merchandise of Batman and Superman’s legendary fusion as seen in issue #4 with a POP! Vinyl Figure set to release at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. 

Funko goes a little beyond with this figure, which truly is a fusion of their Batman and Superman mold, with cool, unique box art that even includes the hybrid hero’s insignia. Although the red shading could be a little more crimson and less bright, this POP! gives the Composite Superman POP! from Entertainment Earth a run for its money. It’s great seeing Funko take on a character from the current comics while the iron is hot. 

Funko will have a booth this year at SDCC which will run from July 25 to 28. The POP’s will also be available to order from Funko’s website at the time of the convention. The best part about either buying from Funko online or in person is that convention exclusives always cost their retail price. Like other POP’s, the Batman and Superman fusion one will go for $15.00. 

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