Superman Bitty Funko POP! Deluxe Figure Coming in July

For many, the biggest drawback of Funko collecting is the size of the POP! figures and the boxes they come in – they just take up space overtime. That is one of many things that make Bitty POP! figures so great, they fit right in your pocket. The new Deluxe versions are like POP! comic and movie cover figures with the backgrounds they come with in a bigger box. Funko announced that Superman will be one of the four superheroes making their Bitty POP! Deluxe figure debut.

The classic Superman Funko POP! has been shrunk to centimeters high and comes with a backdrop of an evening flight through Metropolis. For a little figure, there’s a lot of detail. There aren’t too much Funko POP! figures of Superman with a flowing cape. Bitty POP! boxes are nice because they too are traditional POP! boxes just shrunken down. It’s nice, charming little thing that’s great to see from Funko.

Like the rest of the Bitty Funko POP! Deluxe line, the Superman figure goes for $7.00 from all major online retailers and are expected to ship out in July.

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