DC Universe Online Releases ‘Brainiac Returns’ Episode This Month

When DC Universe Online came out in 2011, Brainiac was the game’s first major antagonist that saw hero and villain players (all of whom he is canonically responsible for) teaming up to take him down. The intro stage, character creation, and tutorial also all take place on his ship. Now, Brainiac is making his return on May 23 to DC Universe Online in the latest episode. 

Episodes are DC Universe Online’s chapter or story contained in multiplayer levels and a new overworld. Daybreak still updates the game with about two episodes every year – one in the spring and one in the fall or winter. Like the rest of the game, new episodes are free-to-play as well as being readily available for new players. This episode sees Brainiac coming back to the Earth that once bested him for revenge on the heroes and villains. 

Here’s a look at the official trailer:

The new open world Bottled DC will serve as the episode’s overworld with bosses that players can team up and take down. The story missions being added are; Overrun Area 51 (duo for two players), Hall of Doom (alert for four players), Hall of Justice (raid for eight players), and The Command Ship (raid for eight players). This is very welcome since most episodes come with three new missions rather than four. 

Tonnes of new Brainiac-centric gear and equipment will also be available as rewards for completing the new missions daily. It also appears that Bizarro has a role in the episode with the episode currency being listed as Bizarro Samples. Trinkets from Bizarro World are also listed as episode collectibles that players can find. 

It’s great to be a Superman fan and a DC Universe Online player. For Superman Day, Daybreak released a Fortress of Solitude base (functions like a player home) for players to purchase and customize.

The ‘Brainiac Returns’ DC Universe Online episode is the first Superman-centric episode since The Death of Superman for the 80th Anniversary. At the same time, DC Universe’s original antagonist is coming back after 13 years. 

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