Homesick Team Up With DC Comics To Release ‘Metropolis’ & ‘Gotham City’ Candles

Ever wanted to know what your favourite heroes’ city smells like? Well, now is your chance as Homesick have teamed up with DC Comics to release a Metropolis and Gotham City Candle!

The Metropolis Candle leans into the day time where Clark Kent seamlessly shifts to Superman when danger is afoot. The vibe is golden, sunlit and optimistic. It features top notes of Citron, Bergamot and Amber, with mid nots of Tonka, Smoked Cedar and Clove and base notes of Concrete, Musk and Oakmoss.

The Gotham City Candle on the other hand leans in to the night time where Batman truly comes alive to save the citizens. The vibe is dark, bruting and mischievous. It features top notes of Smoke, Violet Leaves and Leather, with mid notes of Steel, Rose Buds and Cedar Ash and base notes of Suede, Concrete and Tonka Bean.

Here’s a look at the Homesick DC Comics Candles:

Both the Homesick Metropolis & Gotham City Candles are priced at $44.00 and are available to order now from their website!

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