REVIEW: My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 3, “Full Metal Scientist”

My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 3 is titled “Full Metal Scientist” which gives viewers just a few subtle hints toward the character (or characters I should say) that we meet in this episode. Please note that there are no spoilers in this review.

What I will say about this series is that there are so many details, so many plot points and things going on that it sometimes makes it easy to forget key aspects. In this case for me it was the fact that Superman has a slightly different power set to what we are used to in this series. That’s something that we explore a little more in this episode and it is a great way to keep new viewers but also existing and lifelong Superman fans on their toes.

My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 3, "Full Metal Scientist"

Each episode of this series really does build on not only the story arc but also the characters’ relationships. Here we see Clark and Lois’ relationship escalating to the point of getting to know the parents, well getting to know her father at least after we see him bunking in Jimmy and Clark’s apartment to hide out.

Those two characters I was referring to? I won’t spoil all of them for you, but one of them is Dr John Henry Irons (there are official images already doing the rounds so this is not a spoiler). Again, like with most of the other characters, he has a slightly different yet recognisable story and here we see him really start to turn into Steel. He’s wrapped up in something that he can’t get out of alone after he was set to announce his latest project in public. After he failed to show up, questions started circling and here we learn about the rogue killer robots that were covered up by the company.

What was great about this moment is that there were several teams on the ground trying to get to the same lead and towards the end they all meet in the same place to put the clues that they found together. This sequence brings us a BRILLIANT rivalry relationship between Lois and Vicki Vale as they race and try to hinder each other in order to be the first to break the story. But overall it’s them finding out the truth about the cover-up that causes the robots to be released on Metropolis.

My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 3, "Full Metal Scientist"

As always the animation and actions impeccable and there are several cheer worthy moments throughout as Superman takes down a bunch the robots with some rather unexpected (to him) help comes. I loved these team up moments as so far we are used to seeing him work alone, but here we get to see him team up with someone so similar to him in terms of his persona but add a different layer and different fighting style. it just goes to show that you don’t have to possess powers to be a hero.

As always, despite the rather serious events of this episode, the humour still hits at every single opportunity and that is something that I adore about this series. I also love the nuggets of wisdom within each and every episode, it really showcases the fundamentals of Superman and his supporting characters, but also makes it hopeful and inspiring.

It seems every single episode is leading towards a bigger villain and a bigger plan and I am very excited to see where this series will go from here. I truly cannot get enough of it.

Here’s an exclusive preview of My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 3, “Full Metal Scientist” from Adult Swim:

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