REVIEW: My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 4, “Two Lanes Diverged”

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 4, ‘Two Lanes Diverged’ opens up with a seemingly paranoid General Sam Lane tackling both Clark and Jimmy to the floor in the fears that he has been found. The pair brush it off after Jimmy gets an exciting invitation, but it seems his paranoia is valid after he receives a mysterious text message.

Lois arrives just after and sees her father run down the street, this sequence brings us to a flashback between the two which is really nice to see and actually something I can’t recall ever seeing. It’s rare we get to see Lois’ past and childhood and I have to say it’s rather emotional. With that said it perfectly showcases exactly where she learned her wit and ways. With that said it doesn’t take her long to catch up with her father, which leads to an exciting chase between them and some members of Task Force X – it seems General Lane was right and now it’s time for him to let Lois take the lead.

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 4, ‘Two Lanes Diverged’ 

For Jimmy’s invitation, he is asked to speak at the key note on Alien activity at Star Labs. What that invite failed to show was the fact that it was an anti-Superman speech where he goes head to head with none other than Lex Luthor and here we get to know what Lex is all about and what his motivations are. In this moment you really get a sense of the innocence of Jimmy Olsen after he comes to realise he was the inspiration for all of this.

Overall this was quite an emotional episode, which really deep dived into Lois’ childhood. I loved seeing these flashbacks, as I said before it’s not something we get to see. With this series it really fees like we are exploring the lives of the entire supporting cast and not just Superman, which I love and it really helps to flesh out this universe that this team are fleshing out. It was also emotional as the episode really distinguishes Clark being the outsider, being the one that is different and therefore alone and this is what essentially prompts him to start looking for his cousin, Kara, the only one who can understand how he truly feels.

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 4, ‘Two Lanes Diverged’

Once again this episode has its share of humour peppered in the seriousness of it all, but that is all perfectly balanced as we also see Task Force X take on General Lane and Lois. During this sequence the music and score is sensational! The heavy metal kicking in during the fight sequences and the hopeful score when Superman shows up at the right moment really left me smiling at the screen for longer than I care to admit. Whilst this action sequence was great fun, it sadly just ended up endorsing the ideas and lies that Lex Luthor had spouted to the public.

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 4, ‘Two Lanes Diverged’ is yet another excellent episode that has the perfect balance of humour, action and emotion. This series is most definitely becoming one of the most enjoyable pieces of Superman media to date. Once again whilst we think we have seen all of the threats in the episode, we are reminded that there is something else out there watching and I’m very intrigued to find out more!

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