REVIEW: My Adventures With Superman S2, Ep 5, “Most Eligible Superman”

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 5, “Most Eligible Superman” sees Clark and Lois assigned to cover an event for The Daily Planet. That event is ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor & Bachelorette’, during their brief from Perry White the pair find out they are to cover Superman as he is set to attend… turns out he is actually a nominee! Cat Grant is usually the one to cover it and she is very keen to try and tag along… mostly because she claims to know a few secrets about Superman, his secret identity and who he’s dating! I have to say I really love seeing Cat in this series, she really reminds me of Jesse from Team Rocket in Pokémon and I love the theatrical explanation of everything she does, it’s hilarious!

"Most Eligible Superman"

Whilst this is happening, Jimmy bumps into a rather mysterious girl who needs help trying to find someone… any guesses who? Jimmy saves her life, not realising that of course she didn’t need any help from him. That’s right, that mysterious girl is none other than Kara AKA Supergirl. What I love here is how the how handles her introduction, she is looking for Clark and he is also looking for her, unknown to both of them they have actually passed each other several times. It was an absolute joy getting to see Kara in the first part of this episode, seeing her embrace the world was so much fun! We see her do every day things like trying ice cream for the very first time and it seem like her and Jimmy were getting on a little too well and it is that relationship that leads her straight to Clark.

There are some really emotional moments in this episode between Lois and Clark after Cat Grant accidentally plants a seed of doubt in Lois’ head – what would a perfect guy like Superman see in a girl like her after all? With this and the fact that they still needed to talk about the job offer she got from Vicki Vale in Gotham City, there is a lot that they need to clear the air for, the question is when will they have the time.

"Most Eligible Superman"

There’s also a little conflict between Clark and Jimmy, after the events of the last episode, they still haven’t talked or cleared the air. Things feel awkward between the two but it seems for no reason other than the fact they haven’t seen each other and haven’t talked it through. Clark also ends up getting the wrong end of the stick after Jimmy purposefully ignores his call not knowing that he is watching. It was actually really fun to see Clark using his power for every day issues like this.

During the event that Lois and Clark are set to cover there is some conflict between Superman and Hank Henshaw as he shows his allegiance to Lex Luthor. That isn’t the only conflict that the event seems as this is here Clark and Kara meet for the very first time. She oddly seems rather disappointed in the person her cousin has become on Earth and it’s here she reveals her true intentions and to say it is a plot twist is an absolute understatement, as she and Superman go head to head. This moment brings us some excellent action sequences between the two and the way in which they are executed is very cool and cleverly done!

"Most Eligible Superman"

From what we see in this episode, it’s clear something isn’t quite right with her, it seems she is being instructed by another who she sort of hinted towards, but again I think this may be throwing us off the real scent. She is told to bring Superman to her ‘master’ after he witnesses Superman’s display of power which showcases his new abilities. There is some really cool Kryptonian technology used here too in terms of weaponry and I am loving getting to know this version of Krypton a little more.

My Adventures With Superman, Episode 5, “Most Eligible Superman” was another fun and action packed episode that really set the stakes for the future of the show. It’s safe to say that this is a very different version of Kara than we have ever seen before and I am really looking to getting to know more about her struggles.

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