REVIEW: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #28

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #28 is here and, of all people, Jimmy Olsen leads the charge against Doom-Mite as Batman and Superman attempt to make their way back to their dimension to join what could be the final charge. Fans everywhere are really digging the new surreal and trippy visual direction this arc has been going in and issue #28 just keeps on running with it.

We finally get Doom-Mite on the cover in all his glory by Dan Mora. From the name alone, fans must’ve assumed he was going to the Fifth Dimensional imp version of Doomsday – never expected we were going to be a John Arcudi-esque deity. The use of black light colors for Doom-Mite is another unique visual aspect. Another one of the many achievements of Eisner-nominated Mora.

REVIEW: Batman/Superman: World's Finest #28

Batgirl and Supergirl from the classic DCAU grace the cover in this variant thanks to Nathan Szerdy and what a callback it is. All the design elements of Bruce Timm are there and Szerdy goes beyond and makes it his with his beautiful handling of their faces. This cover may also be a call back to that cross-over episode of Batman and Superman The Animated Series when Batgirl and Supergirl teamed up against Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Livewire. You can see Ivy and Harley making cameos in the background.

REVIEW: Batman/Superman: World's Finest #28

Matt Taylor’s unique variant compliments the story with his wild use of colors, which really are the best part of this cover. When the focus is color, minimalism always goes hand-in-hand with it. Superman’s cape is nothing but a series of lines and some of the colors are out of said lines. It’s new little details like that you’ll notice and appreciate the more you look at it. 

REVIEW: Batman/Superman: World's Finest #28

Another great variant is available from Felipe Massafera and it’s so good it could be mistaken for an Alex Ross piece. The juxtaposition of Metropolis and Gotham City, the sun and moon, light and dark, and Batman and Superman are all there. The glares add to that photoreal feel and the World’s Finest here are absolutely perfect.

REVIEW: Batman/Superman: World's Finest #28

Doom-Mite’s contest of champions has come to an end, and, thanks to Mr. Mxyzptlk, Jimmy Olsen has been crowned the victor. Jimmy has had a lot of powers through the comics, but he’s never had this much as Mxyzptlk gives him all his Fifth Dimensional powers for the last stand against Doom-Mite. Jimmy’s able to fight back, but in the only way he knows how – like a toddler with a flamethrower as Robin said.

Meanwhile, Batman, Superman, and Bat-Mite continue their inter-dimensional journey home from Doom-Mite’s hideout in the Sixth Dimension (the dimension of time). It’s here where Batman has a heart-to-heart with Bat-Mite about the question of their continued adventures. Bat-Mite wants more fun adventures, but Bruce isn’t so sure that they are fun anymore. It’s all or nothing now as they must make their way back home and join the battle against Doom-Mite for one last hurrah.

Mark Waid continues this Silver-Age-inspired madness with Jimmy Olsen serving as the main hero this time around while Superman and Batman take a back seat in this issue. This issue is best read for moments like when Clark sees a temporal echo of his older self-saying he has a son and Bat-Mite and Batman’s hero-fan relationship. Letters are done by Steve Wands.

The reason you should get this issue is because of Dan Mora’s visuals and Tamra Bonvillain’s colours. We start off hot with Doom-Mite and great new Jimmy forms – Imp Jimmy and Super Jimmy, more to add to the list of powers he had for a limited time. Powerless, old man Mxyzptlk is a fun design too. Of course, the most unique visuals come from Batman, Superman, and Bat-Mite’s inter-dimensional travels. Backgrounds are abstract and surreal, Bat-Mite interacts with the pages and panels, and every dimension is handled differently.

(9/10) Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #28 continues a visually spectacular adventure and battle with one of the most powerful characters DC has ever seen. Though you may want more from Batman and Superman themselves in this issue, there are far too many insane things happening to keep you entertained in the meantime. And, to think that Batman said these adventures weren’t supposed to be fun.

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