James Gunn’s ‘Superman’ Casts Daily Planet favourites; Steve Lombard, Cat Grant & Ron Troupe

The Daily Planet cast of James Gunn’s Superman just got bigger with the recent casting of Cat Grant, Steve Lombard and Ron Troupe.

Firstly, Beck Bennett has been cast as Metropolis sports reporter Steve Lombard. Gunn confirmed Bennett’s character on social media –“welcome to the DCU, Steve Lombard.” Steve Lombard may not be bigger than Superman, but he sure is bigger than Clark Kent. As the eccentric, competitive, and aspiring athlete himself, he often is the jock to Clark’s, and sometimes Jimmy’s, nerd. It’s all in good fun as coworkers and Steve has never been a villain or antagonist. When the going gets tough he’ll spring into action, inspired by the hero who he unknowingly messes with at the office. Beck Bennett has a resume in comedy as a Saturday Night Live cast member from 2013 to 2021. Since then, he has been doing work with Disney and Netflix.

Mikaela Hoover has been cast as Daily Planet columnist and lifestyle reporter Cat Grant (making her comic debut in 1987) . Gunn had also confirmed the casting on social media. Hoover got her start in acting with the help of Gunn and Peter Safran on their Xbox show Sparky and Mikaela in 2007. As she became a supporting actor in television, she still continues her work with Gunn in Super, Guardians of The Galaxy (and Vol. 3), and The Suicide Squad. While she butts heads with Lois and Perry and serves as the flirtatious comic relief, Cat has stepped up in recent media as a mentor to Supergirl. She’s had some major adventures in the comics too like cover Superman’s fight with Doomsday and being hired as the White House press secretary by then-President Lex Luthor.

Christopher McDonald has been cast as reporter Ron Troupe (making his comic debut in 1991). This was confirmed in the same social media post by Gunn. Perhaps he can become a Gunn regular too because this is McDonald’s acting debut. Ron Troupe really could’ve been a major character in Clark’s life besides just the most level-headed reporter at The Daily Planet. He was married to Lois’s sister Lucy with a son. If DC had run with that for a little longer, then he would’ve been Clark’s brother-in-law and Jon would’ve had a cousin. Now, Troupe’s character is often reinvented with each of his appearances. But his job at The Daily Planet remains a constant.

Well, it’s safe to say that the Daily Planet is in full swing and I can’t wait to see it brought to life! Superman hits cinemas on 11th July 2025.

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