‘The Legend Of Kingdom Come’ Documentary Announced With Crowdfunding Campaign

‘Kingdom Come’ is one of DC’s most iconic storylines and probably one of my all time favourites, along with many others. Now, we get to explore that universe in more detail as a documentary titled ‘The Legend Of Kingdom Come’ that charts the creation of the iconic 1996 comic series and I couldn’t be happier!

‘The Legend Of Kingdom Come’ is set to be directed by Remsy Atassi and produced by Sal Abbinanti, who is the Business Manager and Art Dealer for Alex Ross. According to Atassi, the documentary is set to be “an exploration of the mad, relentless dedication that goes into producing this stunning art form – and what it takes for an artist to achieve greatness”. It will feature both writer Mark Waid and artist Alex Ross explaining the thought that went into the iconic story along with its stunning visuals. The documentary film includes over 30 interviews with collaborators and members of the comic industry which include; Todd McFarlane, Paul Dini and Julie & Shawna Benson.

'The Legend Of Kingdom Come'

There is currently a pre-Kickstarter launch page for the documentary which you can support here. The team behind the documentary have asked those that are interested to sign up for updates on the film and it will also update them when the Crowdfunding campaign goes live later this year.

‘The Legend Of Kingdom Come’ is being eyed for a fall 2024 release, but for those who want to know more, there will be a panel at SDCC 2024 on Saturday 27th July, 5-6pm in Room 23 ABC.

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