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DC Comics Office Tour, Burbank, CA

Recently I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to California with work. We were doing registration for 3 co-located shows. At the end of the show we had a few days to explore which was great! We started in Long Beach and moved across to Los Angeles.

Now I’ve never been to America before and I’ve always wanted to go, since I can remember. So of course I wanted to make the most of it!

A friend of mine used to live in LA, so I asked for suggestions and she put me in contact with a friend of hers who still lived there. She mentioned my interests to him and he gave a list of ideas and mentioned his friend worked at DC Comics and might be able to give us a tour. Of course I JUMPED at the chance! And luckily she accepted!

I know that this isn’t something you can just pay to do like a Warner Bro’s tour, you have to be excited and allowed access. So it’s safe to say, I feel privileged!

Of course, with it being DC Comics HQ you can’t take photos everywhere. There are secret rooms (the game testing room and library) which are off limits, also they asked us to not take photos around certain areas like where the comic artists work.

Firstly you enter through a lift and you get a wall of the latest comics from DC, which is a help yourself zone! On they way in we didn’t know this so when we left, we went all out! They have quite a lot of these areas throughout the office. It’s an awesome sight! You then have the Batsignal lit up on the floor as you walk in and screens showing the latest news stories from DC Comics.

Then you enter the Fortress of Solitude! What else? Where their main reception is based. I did have to steal this photo as mine didn’t do it justice (get it?)

Where you’re greeted by awesome original DC costumes, the real ones worn in the movies. They switch them up every now and then but they said these are the favourites. You had Superman’s suit from Man of Steel, Batman’s suit from The Dark Knight and Rorschach’s from Watchmen.

You can look at these all day. You can never truly appreciate the detail in them from the films until you see them up close. Incredible.

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