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The Justice League Experience, London

This week, I had the opportunity and pleasure to visit The Justice League Experience in London. An exhibition of the Justice League heroes’ environments and workplaces, located at The College on Southampton Row in London. This location was also host to aspects of the official Justice League press tour, which happened just days before the exhibition opened to fans. Yep, that means the stars (Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher) were all here just before I was! Fans had the change to register for a free ticket on the “See It First” website, where they could book onto a time slot for either Day 1 or Day 2. Of course, many of those slots were fully booked.

When you arrived, you were greeted by two lovely security guys and a very exclusive looking entrance with “private event” stated on the door.

The exhibition was a DC Comic fans’ heaven! Featuring the real costumes and real props that were used during the filming of the movie. The detail in each room was incredible, they really didn’t mess around here. Not to mention, plenty of hints and clues towards a certain heroes return.

First up was the workplace of Art Dealer – Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman. Set in the Louvre museum in Paris, France, this room was filled with intricate detail, full of pieces of artwork, doodles, books, historic artifacts and sculptures. This room did look slightly simplistic compared to the rest of the rooms, but it really captured Diana’s passion for humanity. Then, there it was – her costume. In the movies, you truly don’t get see the detailing that the costumes have, not until you get to see it for real, up close. You could even see the scuffs and marks on them from their stunts.

And of course, what did I find? A spare Wonder Woman tiara and cuffs – so I got to become Wonder Tasmin just for a minute!


Next up was The Flying Fox, created by Batman AKA Bruce Wayne. This room was very minimalist but extremely high tech – of course, what else would you expect from Batman? The room was designed as a replica of the Flying Fox which is used to transport the league to and from danger! First of all you are taken by the seriously impressive Batsuit! Again, you really do not get to appreciate the detailing and design of them until you see them up close. And hey! Ben Affeck is much smaller than I thought…

And I have to say, the cape of this suit is really beautiful, with a waterfall of detailing towards the bottom.

As you start to walk around this room you can also see the control panel of The Flying Fox and also some of the real lighting equipment that was used in the movie.

As you come to the wall of Batarangs, you come to the first clue of The League’s saviour. Notice anything out of place? Yep those Clark Kent specs! They were the real glasses that were used in the movie by Henry Cavill himself.

Then it was time for The Flash’s hideout AKA Barry Allen. This room was my favorite of them all, and had an immense amount of detail and design. It really gave you a feel for Barry’s personality and interests. It was also the biggest and had plenty of photo opportunities! As soon as you walk in you are greeted to the suit and also to many doodles of the suits design.

Then you see the rest of the room design, such as the old worn out sofas from his hideout.

And then his costume design station.

And then the best part of all! Barry Allen’s second favorite chair!

Which of course, I had to try out for myself! Don’t worry Barry, I’ll keep it warm while you’re out saving the world!

Following this, you then head over to Aquaman AKA Arthur Curry’s Icelandic Bar. This was my second favorite room, again the detailing was spot on! First as you walk in you see his suit complete with his quindent, and then you can really appreciate the sheer size of Jason Momoa!

Again the detail of this room was incredible, with a fully stocked bar and plenty of old and worn bar tables and stools, they really captured the film set within a room. There were plenty of fisherman coats and jackets and maybe a little too much taxidermy in this bar for me…

Finally you head over to Cyborg AKA Victor Stone’s office at Star Labs. Filled with high tech machinery and scientific findings and calculations, this room truly captured the mechanism and qualities of Cyborg. First you see all of the computer systems and servers, which although they look real, are just plastic!

Then you see an experimental table full of microscopes and scientific findings. It was hard to get a good picture of it but on the middle shelf towards the left, there are daily planet passes, which feature the “gone but not forgotten” Clark Kent’s ID – another clue!

Then you see Victor’s high-tech but simple computer set up with research findings;

And then, there is the iconic suit! I cannot wait to see this suit in action, he looks awesome!

Overall this exhibition was perfect for any DC Comics fan, especially if you are into The Justice League. Not only this but it was a great way to hype up the fans of the movie before its release.

Justice League is out in the UK on November 17th and in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D – book your tickets now!

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  1. Wow that’s really cool, Going to go see the Movie tonight. Staying clear of reviews till after I see it!

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