Doomsday Statue By Prime 1 Studios Available For Pre-Order

Prime 1 Studios have done it again with their brand new Doomsday statue! Prime 1 Studios are a renowned manufacturer of statues and collectibles for numerous fandom’s. Their work is absolutely fantastic and every piece is incredibly accurate and detailed.

The company have offered an exclusive statue which is only available at Sideshow Collectibles, and I think this is one of the best yet! DOOMSDAY! Or as Superman calls him “The abomination that killed me”. Doomsday was artificially created on Krypton, when it’s people were violent and malevolent. Doomsday is a monster of Krypton, and is now known as Superman’s worst nemesis. He is the only villain in comics to ever kill Superman on numerous comic occasions and he did it without Kryptonite. Below is a prototype image released by Sideshow Collectibles.

 Doomsday Statue - Prime 1 Studios Protype

The Doomsday statue stands at approximately 38 inches tall and reflects an iconic scene – The Death of Superman. The statue shows Doomsday stood next to Superman’s torn and damaged cape – in the comics, this is the moment he shows the world that he has beaten the Man of Steel. As you can see the detailing is spectacular, it almost looks real! Prime 1 Studios have truly nailed Doomsday’s fearsome and terrifying look.

Doomsday Statue - Prime 1 Studios

This incredible statue is set to be dispatched Mar 2019-May 2019, but please remember that the current images are of a prototype, so the item that is shipped may differ slightly. In the box customers will receive the statue itself, and an exclusive portrait to accompany it. The item is available for pre-ordering NOW, and is priced at $1,699, which equates to around £1,300 in the UK. I understand that the item is a lot of money, but for the quality and detail it is definitely worth every penny. You can also arrange payment plans, whereby you can pay a monthly fee until it is paid off in full. This is a great idea for people who may not have £1,000 spare!

For more details and to pre-order yours now, head over to the official Sideshow Collectibles Site here.

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