Joe Prado Teases Return Of Superboy In Superman #8 Cover

It looks like Superboy will be returning in Superman #8 and I couldn’t be happier! In the latest issue of Superman Vol 5 (#5), the notorious Supervillain –  General Zod – saved the day and had us all rooting for him. But, with a battle this big between the Phantom Zone castaways and the Kryptonian duo, it looks as if they are going to need some help!

Since the weekly series of Man of Steel by Brian Michael Bendis, Jon (Superboy) has been away with Jor-El exploring the galaxy. Lois also went with the pair, but soon returned to focus on her career. On her return she explained that Jon would be able to learn and grow more with the guidance of his grandfather – and by the looks of it, she was right!

Last week, Joe Prado shared a teaser image of what the future held in the Superman Vol 5 series. He posted the below image, with the caption “SUPERMAN #08 COVER! Who’s that???!!!!”, along with a winking face and the hashtags #jonkent and #supersons, which was as bit of a giveaway!

Joe Prado - Superman #8 cover return of superboy jon kent

Since that post, the finished cover image has been released, which has added colour, see below. This version really clears up any speculation – it clearly is Jon Kent, although looking slightly different than the last time we saw him!

Superboy return superman #08

This cover is of Issue #8 of the Superman series, so in three issue’s time, and all will be revealed in February 2019. Clearly, Superboy is much older than we last saw him, so I would estimate he is in his late teens. Not only that, his outfit has had a bit of an upgrade, with him now donning a red, blue and black which is likely to be Kryptonian Armour. So what has he been up to since the pair left? Why would he have needed Kryptonian Armour?

Of course, for now we can only speculate, but man, Jon looks POWERFUL, and Superman is clearly taken aback by this. Does he now have a new outlook on life? Different morals to what Clark originally taught his son? What has Jor-El taught him? By the look of it, he certainly has no trouble killing and it looks like anger has most certainly taken over, which is the exact opposite to his father.

I guess, for now we are going to have to wait until the story pans out to see Superboy back in Superman #8, but for now, what do you guys think?

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