Marv Wolfman’s New Comic – Man and Superman

Marv Wolfman is working on a brand new comic, Man and Superman. When it comes to Superman comics, Marv Wolfman is an absolute LEGEND. He helped provide is with an incredible era of Superman comics, alongside Jerry Ordway and now, that is set to continue. I had the pleasure of meeting him at SDCC 2018 and he was delightful.

Marv announced on Facebook that he has a new Superman story in the works – Man and Superman. The story will be featured in a Superman 100 page Super Spectacular which will be released by DC later next week. According to Marv, it is THE best thing he has written so far and if his previous work is anything to go by, I really believe him.

There has been little released about the book so far, but we do have the cover art and it is SPECTACULAR! The artwork on the Man and Superman interior and cover is drawn by Claudio Castellini and from what we have seen so far, it is incredible.

Man and Superman - Marv Wolfman

Marv teased a few interior pages from Man and Superman on his Facebook post and what I love about them is that they are a blast from the past. The detail is incredible, and has a slight “old school” feel about it, it’s going to be iconic.

Man and Superman - Marv Wolfman

Although I stated it was a new story, it’s new to us, but not to Marv. It’s a story he wrote back in 2006, but for reasons unknown to us, it was never published. All of this will be explained in the forward of the book, so it will be interesting to know what happened here.

Here is the official synopsis and statement from DC Comics: “A triumphant tale of Clark Kent’s fateful first days in Metropolis, which were far from easy. His early failures almost ensured there would never be a hero called Superman. Powerful writing and stunning art combine to conjure an inspiring story that needed to be published, one you will never forget, from a pair of master storytellers.

The story was written for Superman Confidential but it was cancelled before the story was able to be released. Here is Marv’s personal synopsis for the Man and Superman, which will give you a sense of what the story is all about: “This story takes place during the weeks after he leaves Smallville and comes to Metropolis for the very first time. Clark not only is in search of a job, but he’s trying to figure out if he ever wants to become Superman. He aware that the moment he puts on his uniform his entire life and everything he’s known before, is about to abruptly change. Forever.”

The story was set for release at the end of this month (January), but it was pushed back. The Superman 100 page Super Spectacular will be on sale from 6th February and will be on sale for $9.99, and likely to be around £8.99 in the UK. It is expensive for a comic book, but it does contain 4 regular books worth of pages and stories, so it is definitely worth it!

Pre-order your copy of Marv Wolfman’s Man and Superman at your local comic book store now!

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