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Since Detective Pikachu was announced, I have been HYPED, so so hyped! As a 90’s kid I literally grew up with this franchise. I had all of the cards, all of the console games, plush toys, my own Pokedex AND I even had my whole bedroom pained Pokemon with all of my favourite characters. Those being, Pikachu (of course), Charizard and Mewtwo. So yeah, you can imagine my excitement and anticipation for this film.

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I’m just going to say it now… this film is PERFECT. The story is perfect, the message is perfect, everything about it is perfect. I may be biased as I’m a life long Pokemon fan, but I know I’m not alone there.

Letterman has truly incorporated Pokemon and real life seamlessly, and I really wish I was a part of that world! There is plenty of heart, plenty of laughs and plenty of “awwwwww” moments, whether you are an adult or a child. In additional to this, so many great twists along the way that I really wasn’t expecting. These days it’s rare that a film can keep you guessing, so I really loved that aspect to it. This film has something for everyone, something for the parents and plenty for the children. As well as laughs and cuteness, there are some really gritty and familiar emotions there too. Some that a lot of people will relate to if they have ever had a distant or non-existent relationship with a parent. I myself relate quite closely to this.

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I can genuinely say I have never felt so nostalgic when watching a film, and I feel like this really plays on that factor. That is certainly not a bad thing. I felt like a kid again whilst watching this. I had a smile on my face from start to finish, and found myself shouting out the names of the Pokemon that I saw on the screen in amazement.

The overall message of the film, I feel is one that we all need to get. The film covers isolation and the meaning of friendship/partnership. And it’s not in a way that forces it down your throat, but it does this naturally as the relationships grow on you, just like they do to the characters of the film. It is very cleverly done, with plenty of banter along the way. The film is completely heartwarming and adorable.


Aside from Pikachu himself – Ryan Reynolds, I feel that a majority the cast are fairly new. Well, I myself wasn’t completely familiar with them anyway. But I loved that aspect, I didn’t know really what to expect from their performances, but it really worked. The cast portray real people, people that a lot of us either are, or know someone like that. That is so important with a film like this, we really root for and relate to these characters.

Justice Smith starred as Tim Goodman. I feel that he was the perfect choice for this role. He plays a geeky guy who always aspired to be a Pokemon Trainer – as we all did. He brings us plenty of laughs, awkwardness in the right places, and heartfelt and emotional scenes, his performance really surprised me. He really embraced his character and is completely likable.

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Kathryn Newton starred alongside Justice as Lucy Stevens, an aspiring reporter who is just looking to get her big break. Personality-wise she is the complete opposite of Tim Goodman, and just proves that opposites attract. I really loved her performance in this film. The two showcase a bit of a love story between them, but not in a cheesy way at all.

Now, as for the star of the show – Ryan Reynolds, who voices the adorable Detective Pikachu. Now when I first found out that Pikachu could talk, I didn’t really understand how it would work. But now that I’ve seen the film, I absolutely loved it, and in fact it made the film. The idea that only Tim can understand him is perfect, it brings in lots of laughs and really fits in with the story line – you will understand what I mean by that when you watch it. Ryan Reynolds’ voice was never really how I imagined a Pikachu to sound, but damn he owns EVERYTHING he works on. He was perfect, if any other actor was used, it just would NOT work. It really is perfect casting, and as weird as it sounds you get used to a talking Pikachu, and actually really quite attached to him.

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Cinematography/Visual Effects

Like the film itself, the visuals were incredible, I was actually blown away. The blend of fantasy and real-life are brought together seamlessly, and truly brings my childhood to life. I love how they have incorporated real life locations with Pokemon, it is so cleverly done. The film has a bit of a typical detective noir theme to it, mixed perfectly to beautiful landscapes featuring Pokemon in their natural habitat. You know what, I would PAY good money to see a film of this on its own with David Attenborough narrating. Those scenes are that beautiful.

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As you know from the trailer, Pikachu isn’t the only Pokemon we see in this film. I won’t name them all, but expect to see your favourites. They really have delved into the personalities and qualities of each and every Pokemon featured, it’s spectacular. I was incredibly impressed with the effects of each and every Pokemon brought to life, and they really have been brought to life! They are so realistic and accurate to the original cartoon series. THey are so lifelike in fact that you really find yourself pining for a Pokemon partner of your own after seeing this.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is directed by Rob Letterman, and written by Dan Hernandez, Rob Letterman, Benji Samit and Derek Connolly. I thank these guys for truly bringing my childhood to life. Seriously, where was the film when I was a kid!

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is out in cinemas on May 10th. Seriously, go and watch it.

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