Williamson & Marquez Team Up For New Batman/Superman Series

The last time we saw a Batman/Superman series it was by the very talented Loeb & McGuinuess which ran from 2003-2011. Now, we have a new mini series about to begin, and the creative team are just as talented!

Joshua Williamson & David Marquez are bringing us a series focused around alternate reality – and I’m a sucker for those! The series is in seriously good hands. Williamson is a brilliant writer, and is best known for The Flash and Justice League Odyssey. And Marquez is an exceptional artist, and I cannot wait to see what the pair do with this series.

Batman/Superman  Williamson

An article from The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the series will revolve around the villain from Dark Knights: Metal version of Batman – The Batman Who Laughs. I always thought this version of Batman was terrifying, even just the look of him creeped me out, so I’m bitter-sweetly glad to see him back!

This series is said to follow directly from Scott Snyder and Jock’s current The Batman Who Laughs series. The Batman Who Laughs is said to have infected sleeper agents as part of his gigantic plan. These agents have been infected with the same toxic that he had. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Williamson stated that these people will turn into the worst versions of themselves, which could be catastrophic if we think about just who those agents might be! Of course, those agents will be some of our heroes, but we do not know who just yet, that has been shrouded in secrecy. And don’t expect a light tone to this series, this is not like previous Superman & Batman team ups, this is a horror-esque mystery.

Although Williamson has been a part of DC for some time now, this series is Marquez’s first with DC after the artist has earned himself an incredible reputation with Marvel. It is also said that this is just the start of his new and exclusive contract with DC Comics. I for one welcome Marquez with open arms, I adore his artwork. This series has been a long time coming, and has been in development for over a year! I am certain the wait will be worth it, this series sounds incredible.

Here is some artwork that The Hollywood Reporter released alongside their interview. The artwork is by David Marquez of course, and it is incredible. I love the style of this, and I cannot wait to see more of what’s to come!

The pair have stated that the consequences of this series will effect the DC universe as a whole permanently, so this series is set to be dramatic! I am really excited that this is happening, I am a fan of Williamson & Marquez so I am thrilled to see this brand new Batman/Superman series come to life.

The series is out in August and I’m sure it’s going to be a hit!

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